Zwift run on PC

Hi, I am wondering for those of you who use zwift (running mode) on your PC, what foot pod do you use? I have reviewed the list of compatible foot pod for zwift and I am thinking about the zwift foot pod and the garmin. I think the garmin is more accurate albeit it requires more accessories. Just want to know if anyone who can share their experience. Thank you!

Also since I haven’t started zwift yet-I wonder if you will need to use your hands to control the gameplay (for the running mode). I know you need to press or tap something if you need to change direction but wonder if it is required or such movement is optional. I rather just run hand-free. Thank you again.

I use Stryd, I don’t think you can find a better running foot pod.

Changing routes is optional. You select a route at the beginning and Zwift will make the turns for you.

Thanks. Stryd is high end. I don’t need to be that accurate or having that much info. As long as the foot pod can control swift-i.e. speed up and slow down correctly most of the time that is good enough for me. I just think that bluetooth connection on a laptop is kinda iffy so a ANT+ device probably communicates better than a bluetooth one.

The Zwift RunPod is Bluetooth only and you need to make sure you get the correct Garmin Foot Pod (the Garmin Run Dynamics is not supported).