Would love it if this game would be available on Schwinn treadmills. Hopefully one day and sometime soon it will happen.
Please make it happen zwift

If you are talking about the treadmill having the ability to broadcast speed directly to Zwift using Bluetooth Schwinn would need to make it possible.

You can use Zwift with any treadmill, you just need a run pod like ZwiftPod, Stryd, Garmin and so on.

I would second this. I have a Schwinn 570T treadmill (with built in Bluetooth) which is compatible with RunSocial (but I prefer to stay with Zwift).

Zwift recommend that I add to this forum the desire to have the treadmill compatible with Zwift. I have a footpod which I currently use, but with multiple users on the treadmill, multiple footpods (1 per user) and multiple shoe’s: I’d prefer a more accurate and direct connection with the Treadmill.

I contacted Schwinn (Nautilus Inc) who said the would pass the request to the developers - but ultimately its going to take both companies to play together to make this happen - and they will not do that unless there are enough people interested in making it happen.

So, I for one vote this up.


I’m soooo frustrated the Schwinn 570T is not compatible with Zwift :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Just a thought, could I use a Ant + in the running machine & link to zwift that way? The 570T Has a USB port but not sure if this is even possible

Any advice would be much appreciated

Afraid I don’t know about using an ANT+ device in the onboard USB port, but as I got fed up waiting (realistically knowing nothing is going to happen here) I brought a RUNN

And it works spot on. It’s set up and is powered by a USB cable to a plug (not the treadmill USB port). Bluetooth connection was instantly found and the results are consistent.

Worth the investment if you ask me - and it works.

I’ve been trying to buy a Runn from the Zwift shop, but appear to be in a constant loop when pressing ‘secure checkout’ it just takes me back to the home page? Did you have any issues?

Ps it says it’s in stock :pleading_face:

Google “npe-inc runn”
Thats where I got mine

Thanks, was trying to avoid the £25 import tax…but one will have to dig deeper :+1:t2: