Help needed : newbie looking for trainer

Hi all, need some help here.

I am used to zwift by has been using it for my bicycle. I’m looking for a treadmill and have some worried if i buy a wrong one.

My questions:

  1. I have read from various post of various ways to connect to zwift. Assuming I’m using smart treadmill - do i need stryd? Or would the smart trainer be able to adjust the speed and elevation of the running path directly? Would they be able yo tell cadence?

  2. Would this model below be considered smart treadmill (please see picture)

  3. I see a post here that says i can use stryd and that would be enough. How does this work? I put on stryd. Connect zwift to my pod. And run.
    Do i need to manually adjust the speed on the treadmill?

  4. If i use life fitness t3 or t5, can they adjust speed directly according to the need by the zwift? Or the power?

I’m really blind and worried if i spend too much. The local guy kept telling me to buy the model as i pointed out above. The price is way too much.

I wonder if i should buy other model. Your help is highly appreciated.

Btw my height is 184cm and i weight 100 kg. The salesman think I’m big in size and the above model may last longer.

Your view and help please.

Thank you

I don’t know much about Zwift running (only done one run) but I can tell you, coming from Zwift bike it is not that difficult.
I did my first, and only run so far, on a dumb treadmill at the local rec center and I used my Wahoo TickrX heartrate monitor for cadence. I used a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 running windows 10 and had to use the wifi hotspot on my phone for internet connection.
It was pretty simple since I have Zwifted for years. Just started zwift, it found the HRM cadence and I started running. I could manually adjust the treadmill speed HOWEVER, using this cadence monitor Zwift does not know my stride length so my zwift speed was based entirely upon my cadence (I could run much faster just by shortening stride and increasing cadence.) I believe foot pods are capable of detecting and transmitting actual stride data to zwift which makes pace more realistic.
I am considering a Stryd foot pod but am okay with the performance so far.
As far as smart treadmills, as opposed to smart trainers for bikes, I don’t see the big attraction other than for workouts. But, having never used one my reasoning may be invalid.


Thank you for the reply. I’m also used to zwift cycling and thus raised my worries.

In cycling - i used wahoo. As such the zwift automatically adjust the resistance, the climb etc.

I wonder if the same would applies in the treadmills. How do i adjust the speed or elevation (i subscribe programs that requires me to do various speed).

Or would all speed be adjusted manually?

The next question will be if different treadmills have different linkages to zwift… Maybe smart treadmills can behave like wahoo?

Thanks again for helping.


Speed and incline cannot be controlled by Zwift.

That is the same for any treadmill. It may be something for the future.

If you buy a smart treadmill it will send the speed to Zwift so you do not need a Stryd unless you are interested in advanced power metrics.

The model you are looking at is a good piece of kit. Expensive but solid.

I use the same.


Thank you for the reply as its very helpful.

Now i will consider T5. Simply due to where I’m based. The model that was shown was offered to me twice the value of the retail in US. Its just absurd value.

Cheaper for me to get stryd and use t5… I hope T5 will last my runs.


I’d even consider the T3. I bought one a while ago and it’s spot on

Thanks Tim.

Good a good offer for kettler munich s2 233-000
I think this would suffice.

Save me some bucks.

Now I’m confused on linkin to zwift.

I have ipad pro. A garmin HRM and a stryd.

Seems like ipad pro cant connect to Garmin hRM. Is there a way to make this work?

Else i have to use my laptop to do all the connection.

Thanks all…

Is your Garmin a dual one or Ant+ only?

If only Ant+ it’s easy to pick up a cheap BT HR

Thank you Stuart. Maybe thats where this leads…

Exactly! I think amazon have a decent one by Coolspro