Zwift run smart trainers

I am looking into buying a treadmill to do zwift run. What I can’t find anywhere is if the smart treadmills zwift has list work like the smart trainers for bikes. For example would the bowflex btz226 adjust its incline according to zwift run?

Supported treadmills only transmit speed to Zwift. Zwift does not send any data back on elevation or speed changes, this must be done manually.

Supported treadmills:

Man hopefully thats a feature they add because its amazing on the bikes

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There are more dangers/liability issues in having a 3rd party app controlling either elevation or speed changes on a treadmill than there are on a bike trainer.

I got you, so zwift run controls the speed when you do workouts in it im guessing?

Nope, you have to do it manually. Zwift tells you what to set your treadmill speed to.

m confused then on the purpose of the smart treadmill

It broadcasts the treadmill speed to Zwift so you don’t need a foot pod or other device to run within Zwift.

ok now that makes sense thank you for explaining that. looks like im getting a smart treadmill

The safety line for treadmills really bothers me because it is a bunch of baloney. You know how many treadmills support ifit and automatic changing of the gradient? I don’t buy that there are really safety concerns from the manufacturers, if there were they wouldn’t do ifit. The difference is they want to promote their preferred system. I don’t blame zwift, because it is the manufacturers blocking things but still makes me mad.


Yes! Yes! Yes!
I have programmed the firmware in my treadmill to match grades with Zwift based on distance run. E.G. at 0.53Miles, set grade to 5%, at 0.55Miles, set grade to 0. This corresponds to grades changes on the 5K course.
And the added functionality is awesome. I hope Zwift can add mainstream BLE control points soon. Suggest: auto grade changes are constrained to 0-4 percent (normal mode), -1 - 8 percent (advanced mode) and -5 to 18 (super advanced mode). It quadruples the realism. And if you are looking for Beta testers, and or programmers I would do it for freeeeeeeee…


Bingo. You are wiser than most sheeple!
There is no real safety concern. If that were the case, treadmills in general wouldn’t have their own programs built in.
Treadmills have tons of safety features already built in. Like for instance… Common sense.

how did you manage that? is it possible for me to do it? I have a Kettler Track S8 …

+1! @Chris_Hanger Could you post how you did that? Thanks!! :slight_smile: