Run incline on the treadmill

(Daniel Harrison) #1

I know this is hard due to all the different proprietary bluetooth connections but the running part of zwift would be a whole heap more engaging if incline could go up down with the course. speed should stay controlled by the user.

I imagine that treadmill suppliers would be very keen to be zwift certified and would probably assist in getting things to communicate. Anyway, I understand why this could be very difficult, but it would also reap significant rewards!

(Dave Reid) #2

Having used Zwift (Cycling) for three years now and now trying Zwift Running I completely agree that incline control is necessary if running is to feel anything like as engaging as cycling. I’ve heard both DC Rainmaker and the Zwiftcast guys saying they’ve heard that this won’t happen due to liability and safety issues but this seems a cop-out to me. After all, other apps can already do this - Runsocial does this exact thing right now with a wide range of Bluetooth equipped treadmills. The app isn’t as good as Zwift (IMHO) but it does achieve the basic goal of controlling the incline to match the video. The built-in programs on all treadmills have always been able to do this so the liability issue can’t be that difficult to overcome. If a safety net is desired then I would suggest the speed is reduced appropriately as the incline increases (in order to maintain a constant effort level for the runner’s weight). The runner could then adjust the speed as required but adjusting the incline to match the video just doesn’t cut it with today’s technology and expectations.