Incline automatic control in supported smart treadmills

Hi Zwift Developers.

I wanted to suggest the following:

I am a very active Zwift runner.

As a runner I would like to see the possibility to add Zwift automatic incline control for supported smart treadmills so the routes become more realistic.

Maybe a good update can be to add the option to activate or disactivate the automatic incline control.

With the signing of a legal responsability exclusion by the runner, it can eliminate legal risks for Zwift.

How does that sounds for you as developers and how does that sounds for the runners comunity?

Please vote up the existing thread for this request.

Also look at the QZ Domyos app which can maybe offer you what you need.


What’s frustrating, for example ifit will raise and lower my incline during a workout so why can’t Zwift.

It can with the app.