Auto Incline On Treadmills

2 years I wrote a thread about having auto incline on treadmills and how it was possible using an app called QZ Domyos written by @Roberto_Viola
At the time the app was in development and still is today. It’s not just an app for auto incline or even just running. The app does so so much. Far too much for me to understand but lets focus on what is brings to us runners.

I started using the app because I wanted my treadmill to link to Zwift. I used a Runn but the reported speed flicked up and down and was distracting. QZ enabled my actual treadmill speed to be reported to Zwift.
Then came auto incline. This enabled the treadmill to change incline in line with the course you were running on. Whilst this was a great breakthrough it was only possible using some odd workarounds like starting a cycling activing using a workout, then quitting and switching to running. Zwift does send incline data in running mode just like cycling but not in the same way it it easily interpereted.

But here is the best part. The QZ app can now change incline without any workarounds. You connect your treadmill to QZ and then QZ pairs to Zwift in the normal way. Bingo…that’s it. In free run mode your treadmill changes elevation with the course. No hard to fathom workarounds anymore.

I can honestly say that it brings a whole new level to the running experience. Believe me, courses you thought were flat aren’t. It adds a level of realism to your training.

The app works for iOS and Android and you can run it on the same device as the Zwift companion app. It will soon be available for Windows too. It costs about the price of a coffee.

The list of compatible treadmills is long and every increasing but as a general rule of thumb, if your treadmill works with any other apps such as JRNY, iFit, Runcline etc… then it should work with QZ. Roberto works tirelessly on the app and can diagnose and tailor it to work but please remember this is not his actual job, the app is his hobby.

So if you ever wanted a treadmill that connects to Zwift and after that auto incline then think no more.

This isn’t a marketing tactic, i simply love running on Zwift along with many others and lots of us are desperate for auto incline.

DCR did a follow up to the wahoo treadmill video - with some 25 fansourced questions/answers about it, using FTMS to control other trainers came up in it - (3:33 if the link doesn’t go to the correct place).

Seems plans are afoot to allow for automatic gradient control for other treadmills, no timeframe for this functionality was shared mind (obligatory “Zoon™” joke goes here), but it’s some positive noise around this at least.

Indeed but it makes little sense for Zwift to open up this functionality to others. There is obviously a commercial partnership with Wahoo as part of the previous legal wrangle.

If Zwift opens up FTMS control it means less sales of the Wahoo treadmill that has the functionality.
The only way i see it being opened up to all manufacturers is if running becomes a paid subscription.

I may be wrong and would love it if i was. If i was a runner awaiting full FTMS i wouldn’t be holding my breath.

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I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they opened up treadmill incline to other compatible devices if there’s an open standard for it. In the mean time QZ is the best option. They don’t tend to shut out other device manufacturers unless it requires more work to support them that isn’t a priority.

Could paying for running be coming? That would be a good thing.


It’s not so much a case of shutting others out, more not opening up. We’ve no idea of what the inner workings of the Zwift partnership looks like and this treadmill will have been in development at the time so a deal could include this.

Subscription for running could be a good thing but only if it receives the same levels of inclusiveness as cycling. Levels, more courses, holoreplays etc… steering not required though.

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Zwift wants everyone on Zwift, not just folks who have a $5k Wahoo treadmill. So it makes sense for them to open incline functionality more broadly. We don’t know their Wahoo partnership details, but there are definitely good reasons to broaden the base of users who are able to get a great experience on Zwift. Even if Zwift’s deal is to just work with Wahoo on the initial implementation of certain features, (then open them up once they are working well with the Wahoo implementation) that is a competitive advantage for Wahoo from a timing perspective.

That said, it’s cool this app already provides a solution for a lot of treadmills.

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I got mine working today with qz. Horizon 7.4.

Anyway, the issue I think is going to be the technical side. With so many treadmills getting the majority of them working would take more headaches than I think zwift wants to deal with. Tho implementing it wouldn’t be half as hard as some think, it’s proven to be possible. It’s individual users that would be an issue, with so many various manufacturers ect. But I think becoming standardized it is the future, it’s already happening.

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It’s not an issue with individual manufacturers as the FTMS protocol existsb which is how they communicate. That’s the standard. Same with turbo trainers, they use the same protocols to communicate.

Zwift could allow full FTMS control easily but it’s mired in legal & health & safety issues.


Sorry if this is a silly question as I’m new to RUNN which is arriving Thursday.

Why would we need this QZ Domyos if the RUNN already detects the incline?

Also,how would this QZ Domyos work with a treadmill that doesn’t have Bluetooth?

Also, my treadmill has buttons on handles so I can manually change incline {other than the programmed incline } . Is there any contraption that has Bluetooth that we can strap around the buttons that can receive Bluetooth signals to raise or lower incline to match virtual running ?


Which treadmill do you Have? If it has Bluetooth probably you don’t need the runn at all with qz. Also qz can give you auto inclination following the zwift Map!

Let me know

My TM is the older model Spirit XT 685 which doesn’t have Bluetooth ,that’s why I bought the RUNN which arrives Thursday .


Ok so qz in your case can only collect information and send to zwift as well.
You can also use wifi to zwift using qz that’s better than Bluetooth

I’m still confused,if I download QZ how will it send info to my TM to mimic what a programmed virtual run is on the ZWIFF virtual run ?

RUNN only detects speed and incline of TM and I have to change incline and speed manually according to what the virtual running shows. I’m just trying to figure out how the QZ app will help me ?


Qz will read the metric from the runn sensor and for example from qz you can calibrate them if they are not precise BEFORE sending them to zwift.

Qz can also run standalone so it does much more than this. You can also play 3d maps loading a gpx from a workout that you did outdoor for example!

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I’m lost ,my head is spinning.but thanks for the replies.

All I want is something that will auto change my incline and speed to match the virtual run of ZWIFF.
My TM doesn’t have bluetooth or wifi , so from what I’m reading its not happening and I will have to change these manually to match the virtual run .

In summary Rainer yes. You cannot get auto incline on your treadmill and you will have to manually change it

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You can have auto incline and auto speed on qz only if you wire some relay on your treadmill. I already did this for some users. Let me know if you are interested in

Yes I’m interested but not sure how this can be done . But please explain what I need to do on my end,I’m very handy and willing to pay a small fee for your time.

Here’s an idea , my TM has several built in programs,why can’t someone just upload a ZWIFF Runn program and overwrite one of the TM programs ,so when the ZWIFF virtual run starts all I have to do is press that program on my TM .

My Spirit XT 685 has auto programs built in that auto change the incline and speed on their own.

Another idea is to build a mechanical thingy with bluetooth to strap to TM handles that have the manual incline and speed buttons that will receive signals from the ZWIFF virtual run program and adjust automatically.

PS: I hope you see this as my post limit for the day has been met so I’m editing this post hoping you see it. Here’s my post that wasn’t allowed .

Where do I enter these commands and how does it make my TM work with the ZWIFF running app if there’s no BT ?

Sorry if these questions are silly but I’m trying to understand?

Very Easy: qz can command 4 relays, plus and minus inclination and plus and minus speed, with these 4 commands qz can do everything and you also don’t need any runn sensor!

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Where do I enter these commands and how does it make my TM work with the ZWIFF running app if there’s no BT ?

My Spirit XT 685 has an AUX for audio and it also came with a chest heart strap {doesn’t work anymore} but I’m guessing it used ANT ?

Sorry if these questions are silly but I’m trying to understand?

I couldn’t reply yesterday because I reached my daily limit of posts. I edited my last post here hoping you would see that is why I couldn’t respond. Thanks