Adding support to a specific threadmill


I want to but a threadmill, the Proform Smart 200, but currently is not supported with Zwith.
I am aware that there is external devices (ie, runn) to use that threadmill, but I want a integration that makes the threadmill “controllable”, so Zwith can change automatically the velocity or inclination of the threadmill if you are doing workouts, or the inclination if runnning on an event.
Unfortunately, most of the threadmill that are sold on Spain are not compatible with that feature, and the ones that are, are really expensive.

Doing some googling, I found an app, the qDomyos-Zwift app developed by Roberto Viola for iOS and Android that allows users to create a Bluetooth connection between a treadmill or exercise bike and zwifth (is working as a gateway). On the app of Roberto there is a lot of additional threadmill that using that app are now compatible with zwith, but although there is several Profom threadmill on the list, the Proform smart 200 is not (yet). Does anybody known if is on the plan, if ziwth is workinng od adding it, or is there any other app similar to the one of Roberto to get additional threadmills added ?

Thks !!


There isn’t a single treadmill on the market that Zwift will control either the incline or speed as standard. The only way incline can be controlled is via a 3rd party piece of software which you’ve correctly identified as QZ Domyos.
There are no plans for Zwift to change this. Running is in beta hence why it’s free and will probably remain in beta forever.
There is no way that the app can control the speed during a workout as Zwift does not transmit this data. It transmits the incline data which is how Roberto can capture this and make the treadmill replicate it. Speed isn’t handled the same.

That said at least during a workout when you increase the treadmill speed then Zwift reads this so you don’t have to adjust the speed on an app at the same time.

I’ve been using QZ Domyos for months now and was one of a few to help Roberto fine tune the incline issue. It doesn’t do this as standard but there is a simple workaround to get this to work.

Thks Stuart,…
It is frustating to known Zwith is not going to invest more on the running option, are you sure about that?
The fact to have both options, bike and running, was one of the main reason for me to choose this platform over other more realistics options as bkool or rouvy.
It should not be hard for zwith to implement that options, can not understand why they do not do it. Currently with the QZ application you can modify both the velocity and the inclination of the threadmill. An ERG mode, similar to the one for bikes, will give a lot of added value to the running mode. Why bikes may have ERG and threadmills not ?
I really would love if zwith incorporates the features of the QZ app on his own zwith companion app.