Zwift treadmill support

I’m probably not the first to ask this, but it would be AMAZING if Zwift could actually control our treadmills (mine is a noble pro elite e8i). Now I do understand Zwifts concerns over safety, where potentially it could ramp the treadmill up to max speed and we go flying off it and hurt ourselves, but the noble pro has a kinni app which… controls our treadmills with programmable workouts even custom ones.

So, if we understand the risks and sign a disclaimer, PLEASE ZWIFT, can you control our treadmills just like you do our smart trainers on the bikes?

The DC Rainmaker video about the new Wahoo treadmill indicated that this may be coming.

In the mean time if you want automatic incline control you can bridge the treadmill to Zwift using the QZ app and it will handle it. Talk to @Roberto_Viola if you’re interested in that. It requires running a 3rd party app that sits in between the treadmill and Zwift.

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Hey @Dave_Bage_WCC welcome back to the Forums! Norman from Zwift is here to help!

That’s certainly an interesting idea and this

was hilarious to read because I’m sure it’s something that would 100% happen to me.

As you rightly pointed out, safety is paramount for Zwift, so any implementation of treadmill control would require careful consideration and time.

I was thinking, it’d make sense to combine the best of both worlds so I did some digging around, and turns out it’s actually possible!

NoblePro made an article about it and it seems like your treadmill is perfectly capable of replicating it. let me share the link with you. Just keep in mind that since this involves a third-party app, it’s important to proceed cautiously and understand any risks involved.

Take care and Happy Running!

@Dave_Bage_WCC you can do already with the Qz app! Let me know if you have any questions!

NoblePro is the creator of the app, so the article is a bit colored :wink:

They will not activate Bluetooth until you allow location sharing with the app which makes absolutely no sense.

It’s a free app with a lot of functionality but no in-app purchases. They need to make a living and my bet is, that data is the fee here (would happily be proven wrong)

If you’re using an Android device that is normal and not the fault of the app developer

Have you seen how old this article is?
Asked 7 years, 6 months ago…

That was Android 6 (I believe, not sure) and is not valid anymore!

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I’m on IOS.

Collection of location data is not listed in the store, but as mentioned this is forced when the app is opened for the first time.

“not valid” is very much dependent on the developer (and version of android) I’d guess, judging from these developer notes - Bluetooth permissions  |  Connectivity  |  Android Developers

As whilst android 12 allowed for Bluetooth without location services, it appears to require extra steps/ code to strongly assert location services aren’t required. Android 11 and below will still require location services

Edit: though this technical pendantry is fairly moot, since it’s an iOS issue anyway in this case. But I thought I’d leave it here anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

yes this is the kinni app I mentioned in my original post.

While great, it does have its issues where for example pausing the workout on the app keeps our Zwift avatar going at the same speed it was doing when paused. I’d prefer there to be native zwift control as that would effectively remove the middle man / app :slight_smile: