Does Zwift control smart treadmills?

There is a list of smart treadmills compatible with Zwift.
But I am not sure, if this means that Zwift simply receives speed and gradient data or if Zwift is able to adjust speed and gradient as well?
Does anyone know, if Zwift can control and if yes, what treadmills are supporting this?

A Smart treadmill just broadcast speed to Zwift.

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Like Paul said a smart treadmill only means Zwift can receive the speed data it broadcasts. It will not broadcast incline and Zwift running currently does not use elevation at all, the FIT file has 0 for the elevation profile.

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This is very helpful info – does it mean that if you own a Stryd pod, then a “smart” treadmill would be redundant?


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Yes. If you have a Stryd no need to have a smart treadmill unless you want one. I personally have a smart treadmill as I bought it when I wanted to get back into running. After a few months I bought a Stryd Pod so I do have both but trust the Stryd data over the treadmill data.

Hi I have just got a smart trainer and used it tonight for the first time it links to Zwift run however the speed was way out. The spanner does not appear for me to calibrate it. Do I also need a footpod to get the correct speed? I was hoping the smart trainer would match the speed of the treadmill. Thanks

What “smart trainer” are you referring to?

@A_Kayll can you provide more details to include what treadmill you are using? How are you connecting it to zwift (BT or ANT+)? What are you running Zwift on (iOS, AppleTV, Mac OS, Windows)?

There should be no difference between the displayed speed on your treadmill and in zwift if you have selected the treadmill as the speed sensor. You don’t have any other speed sensors that are connected (like a run pod, Stryd, or Runn unit) do you?

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I am using a NoblePro elite 8i and it’s connected via BT and running it off a Mac. I don’t have any other sensors except HR monitor

I’m not seeing that treadmill in the list of supported Smart Treadmills for Zwift:

That doesn’t mean it won’t work, it just means it has not been tested and verified.

As @DKE_Watson said, if you are connecting the treadmill to Zwift then the Zwift will display the same speed as is displayed on the treadmill.

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That does not appear on the list of supported treadmills:

Going to tag @shooj to see if he can provide some more insight. Since all smart treadmills do is broadcast the speed. There might be a slight discrepancy (0.1-0.2mph) due to the belt slowing at each foot strike.

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Thanks I was expecting it not to be matching but not to be the amount out that it was. Running machine was 7.4 and Zwift showing 5.8

Hi @A_Kayll

Some background: in the days before Zwift and other fitness apps, hardware manufacturers didn’t concern themselves with compatibility with anyone else’s app. As long as the treadmill transmitted to the attached head unit (or that company’s own proprietary iPad app), that’s all they cared about.

That has started to change, but the truth is that many running hardware brands still haven’t implemented the standardized flavors of Bluetooth and ANT+ that talk with third parts apps like ours. This situation isn’t new for Zwift - we experienced this with bike trainer brands, and it took years for that industry to adopt unified protocols.

The best advice is to check the list of supported treadmills linked above AND ALSO verify with that manufacturer that your specific unit is the latest model. Tread companies tend to keep the same model name for top sellers, and specify a model year or generation when they make significant changes to their specifications. So a 2018 Model X may not connect to Zwift, but the 2020 Model X works flawlessly.

If your tread does not connect, we suggest using North Pole Engineering’s RUNN, which is an optical sensor that retrofits on any treadmill. We happen to sell them (cough, cough) : )


Is there a way to fix the RUNN on treadmills with a rounded motor cover?

The run mount on the side of the belt, looking at this picture.

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Ideally - you want to mount that at the front or rear where you won’t kick it, but yeah - some treads may not allow it.

Would the Runn or footpod over ride the smart trainer connection in regards to the speed readings ?

You would connect the NPE Runn or foot pod as a speed source in the Pairing screen instead of the treadmill.

:+1: thanks

Hmmmm so not sure what has happened since my first run but now the treadmill and Zwift are matching mph like for like :+1:t4: Happy running now