Does Zwift control smart treadmills?

There is a list of smart treadmills compatible with Zwift.
But I am not sure, if this means that Zwift simply receives speed and gradient data or if Zwift is able to adjust speed and gradient as well?
Does anyone know, if Zwift can control and if yes, what treadmills are supporting this?

A Smart treadmill just broadcast speed to Zwift.

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Like Paul said a smart treadmill only means Zwift can receive the speed data it broadcasts. It will not broadcast incline and Zwift running currently does not use elevation at all, the FIT file has 0 for the elevation profile.

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This is very helpful info – does it mean that if you own a Stryd pod, then a “smart” treadmill would be redundant?


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Yes. If you have a Stryd no need to have a smart treadmill unless you want one. I personally have a smart treadmill as I bought it when I wanted to get back into running. After a few months I bought a Stryd Pod so I do have both but trust the Stryd data over the treadmill data.