Cheap treadmill works with Zwift - game changer?

Evening all. Has anybody tried any relatively affordable treadmills that work with Zwift? I’ve been chatting with somebody on a forum today who has the Bluefin Fitness KICK 2.0 (£467 on Amazon UK) and uses it with Zwift. I quote:

“Hi, it links directly to Zwift, when you open Zwift and select run it then finds the treadmill and connects with Bluetooth. The speed of the tredmill is sent to Zwift and most of the running programs on there tell you what speed to set it too. It works really well, in fact we only use it with Zwift now and don’t use the Kinomap app at all!”

Has anybody used this treadmill or experienced Zwift with similarly entry-level machines? Can anybody please shed light on exactly how it works, if so? (Ie, what speed will Zwift ask me to set the treadmill to). I’m intrigued, as I’ve only ever seen the ‘Zwift compatible’ machines listed on Zwift’s own site - and they’re far too expensive/inaccessible in the UK. I’m wondering if this model might be a game-changer. I tried the RunPod during the summer and was far from impressed - was innacurate and finicky, so would rather have Bluetooth integration straight from the Treadmill like I do my smart trainer.


I can’t find anything that tells me that treadmill will link to Zwift. I am dubious it does. The quality concerns me also, littered with poor reviews and top speed is 12km/h so for accomplished runners it’s of no use.

Buy cheap buy twice.

I don’t think any treadmill is “controllable” by Zwift, both speed and incline have to be manually set for safety.

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Well maybe as he said, the treadmill got bluetooth and you can use it.
But, in my personal experience I recommend you using a phone app like treadmill speed transmitter (android) or treadmill smart speed / runcline (iOS). You simply pair your phone with your Zwift device and set there your speed (matching your treadmill speed).
My treadmill doesn’t have bluetooth and i’ve ran around 2800 km this year in Zwift with speed transmitter :smiley:

Well, I’m not an accomplished runner - so that’s fine. I’m looking for an affordable treadmill that connects to Zwift for slow jogging and even fast walking, and this appears to fit the bill. I’ve had confirmation that it does transmit to Zwift using the FTMS protocol. Maybe not ‘buy cheap buy twice’, but ‘avoid spending a grand unecessarily’.

That sounds like an amazing alternative to a treadmill that has bluetooth built-in - thank you! I wasn’t aware they existed. I might consider another brand now.

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Sounds like a match made in heaven for you.

Be aware that Zwift won’t be able to control speed or incline on your treadmill but that’s the same for every treadmill.


Run On.

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