Zwift Supported Treadmill Recommendations


I wanted to get me and my two boys into Zwift running and get a Zwift enabled treadmill. However, after looking at the list of recommended supported hardware it started to go wrong. For example, the recommended Bowflex BXT216 & BTX226 apparently don’t connect according to their customer support and a few forums I have already read.

Can anyone recommend what treadmills they use that link automatically?

I have heard/read some good reports of the Technogym MYRUN…but it is a bit pricey.

Any helpful feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Just in case it matters I’m in the UK.

Not sure where you saw that but my Bowflex BXT216 (US version) connects to Zwift via Bluetooth. Smart treadmills only connect for the purpose of sending your speed to Zwift. They will not change incline based on the slope you are running in Zwift.

Thanks for the reply.

I knew about the speed only thing already from other forums.

I read it on a review of the product purchased through a supplier in the UK. I then went to the Bowflex web site and asked the question through their online chat and they confirmed the same thing. Strange. I wonder if the US and UK products differ. I might need to do some more checking.

How are you finding the treadmill?

As far as I know the 216 and 226 are the same exact treadmill. The 216 is the US version whereas 226 is for the European market. Weird that they’d tell you it wasn’t compatible. Maybe someone with a 226 can chime in.

As far as the treadmill goes I’ve had it for a little over a year and have had no issues with it. It’s a solid machine.

Same problem, I´m looking for a recommendation in Europe/Germany - the store I was in on the Weekend “Sport Tiedje” me they will have some new models just for ZWIFT coming in November.

I’ve just been through the same buying predicament. The cost of “smart” treadmills proved to be quite prohibitive and then I read of compatibility issues. In the end I went for a dumb treadmill but paired it with a NPE RUNN which I have to say once calibrated is exactly like having a smart treadmill. The combined cost of a decent dumb treadmill and the RUNN doesn’t come anywhere near the cost of a smart treadmill.