Treadmill no speed

Have paired my Bowflex treadmill will Zwift but get zero speed output to zwift irrespective of speed of treadmill. Any ideas? Thanks 

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Quick update, your Bowflex treadmill should work fine with Zwift so this may have been a pairing issue. Was your treadmill paired with Zwift via Apple TV, Mac, PC, iPhone or iPad? Also were you using native Bluetooth or Bluetooth via your Zwift Companion app?

Hi I was using Apple TV and native Bluetooth thanks

I would be grateful for you feedback if you had managed to sort it out?  What Bowflex model you are using?

Hi I have the Bowflex BXT226. Spent a lot of time with Zwift support but still doesn’t work despite it being listed at compatible. Works absolutely fine with Run Social out of the box so I think it is a Zwift issue rather than the treadmill 

Thank you for your swift response. Probably makes sense to delay the purchase. It would great to hear fro zwift team what the issue is and whether a solution is being worked on.

 Just to make sure, your Avatar is not moving at all right Robin? I’m going to temporarily remove the BXT226 from supported treadmills. 

Yes no movement at all. This is a real pain as I bought this treadmill because it was listed as compatible with zwift so now I have spent £2k on something that I can’t use how I intended 

when do you think you will fix this? 

Could this be the issue is just limited to Zwift on Apple TV? Did you try other ways of connecting (iPhone/iPad, PC with Zwift Companion App)?

Sure did companion and iPad 

Will try to draw Bowflex’s tech support attention to this issue (since I am in touch with them).

Ok thanks are you having the same issue?

I am just a potential buyer. Trying to clarify compatibility of this treadmill with Zwift.  Got some contradictory inforamtion, hence i reached out to Bowflex directly.  Are you happy with the treadmill itself (besides connectivity issues)?

Yes I like it as I specifically wanted an interactive one with Bluetooth and I like how it folds up when not in use 

I have had an issue where it stopped on an incline which I am investigating with Bowflex via the supplier. It has taken a few days and not heard anything so not that impressed with tech support although might be my supplier rather than bowflex. The good news is it can generate error codes which hopefully make sure it easy to see what’s wrong 

"Works absolutely fine with Run Social out of the box so I think it is a Zwift issue rather than the treadmill "

This would mean it is not the machine though, yes?

Agreed I don’t think it is the machine I think it is zwift so I wonder how much they really test compatibility 

it’s odd as the machine connects via Bluetooth instantly to Run Social and your speed appears on the Run Social app. I don’t see why it is so hard for Zwift to do this …

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