Bowflex bxt116 Bluetooth not working with Zwift

Hi friends! I have a Bowflex Bxt116 treadmill that I bought specifically to use with Zwift. Have been using it for 2yrs now & typically pull Zwift up on my phone and use an app to cast my screen to a TV I’ve mounted in front of the treadmill. Has always worked like a charm until about a week or two ago. I can’t get the treadmill to connect to Zwift via Bluetooth. Frustrating thing is the treadmill will connect via other apps (for instance the Bowflex “Explore the World” app). Has anyone else had trouble like this? Any suggestions to get it working again? Thanks!!!

As you’ve seen on the other thread governing Bowflex treadmills, this is a known issue which is being worked on.

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