Bowflex BXT326

(Fran) #1

I just want to confirm that the Bowflex BXT326 treadmill is 100% working with Zwift. I have read some posts with doubts about it but no serious confirmation. Fine, I bought the treadmill and just finished a workout without problems. Zwift app is running in an Apple TV4 (not 4K) connected to a smart tv and paired directly to the treadmill.

It would be good to update the treadmill supported list, to help others to choose his/her equipment.

Thanks a lot.

(Paul) #2

I don’t think Zwift updates the list until they get their hands on the treadmill(s) and verify it works as intended.

(Fran) #3

I just want to help, nothing else.

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(Paul) #4

I know, there are a couple other treadmills that Zwift users have reported that also work but are not on the list either.

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(Pe Are) #5

Based on your Feedback I signed up Zwift and tried it out with Bowflex BXT326 and Apple TV. While it immediately connects and shows the Bowflex connection on Zwift, my Avatar does not start to run? My speed on Zwift is always zero, despite I am running with speed on the treadmill?

(Fran) #6

Hi Peter. This had happen to me a couple of times before. In this case, you must close completely the Zwift app on the Apple tv (double click in the screen button on the remote and slide up on touch control). Then open again the app and it must work. Be sure that in the connection screen you can see “bowflex connected…” AND “0 km/h”. If you don’t see this number, the treadmill is connected but your avatar doesn’t move.
You can reboot the Apple tv too (not sleep and back) but it’s slower.

(Pe Are) #7

Hi Fran, many thanks for the reply. I managed to get it working by disconnecting Apple TV from the main, but your way is much quicker and better! Works now perfect.

(Fran) #8

Glad to help you Peter!

(Chris Hanger) #9

Any treadmill conforming to the Bluetooth 4.0 specification should work with Zwift.
The Bluetooth specification includes a standardized Fitness Machine Characteristic (0x1826), allowing a Treadmill to connect with Zwift, sending-off speed and incline data (to Zwift).
My guess is new treadmills will begin using using this.
The specification also allows treadmills to receive something called control points, allowing an outside program to control speed and grade. While part of the official specification, I am not aware of any treadmills that have implemented this feature (yet).
Nordic Semiconductor has a free iPhone and android app called nRF connect. It’s kinda like a Bluetooth scanner that allows you to determine (and sometimes debug) what Bluetooth 4.0 BLE (Bluetooth low energy) functionality is exposed (or not) on your particular exercise equipment. It is useful before you buy a treadmill, of if you find it’s not working. N.B.–>It doesn’t work with ANT+