BXT 326 v MyRun

Hello, can anyone help with the above. I’m looking to get a treadmill and these two seem to the main contenders.

Does anyone have experience of either? If so any thoughts would be hugely appreciated. I know my run connects seamlessly but have read mixed reports about the BXT326.

Thanks all,


I have the Bowflex 326 and it works fine with zwift . Sometimes I might need to reload zwift to get my avatar to move if I haven’t stopped the treadmill properly, it has a pause function on the treadmill that can throw zwift off. I run zwift on the iPad aswell

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Thanks for the reply Tony. Waiting from my treadmill to be delivered. How do you find it?

Hi Tony. I have just got a BXT326 and when I connect to Zwift via Bluetooth the speed is dramatically slower that what I am running on the treadmill. It seems like Zwift is reading KMP when the treadmill is moving at mph. I have had to resort to using a foot pod which was not the reason for getting treadmill. Have you had this problem or have you got any advice.
Thanks in advance

Hello Steve. I haven’t noticed this problem on my BXT 326 but I do have the speed constantly jumping on Zwift despite running at a fixed speed on the treadmill. Even with a foot pod this does not change. Other runners seem to just have their pace fixed.

Hi Steve I’ve not had that problem, check to see that your treadmill and Zwift are both on the same setting for metric or imperial

Hi Jamie my Bowflex speed jumps about just a little but I think it’s just the foot strike on the treadmill, it will flick up and down 0.1 k at most speeds but is quite stable at certain speeds

Thanks Steve. Another question. What do you do if you start your treadmill and the avatar just move? It’s happened a few times now. I literally just start again but this can be difficult and frustrating especially if I’ve just joined an event. Do you know of any quick fixes?