Running BowFlex BXT216 - Pace Declines

I’ve been using Zwift for about a month now. Initially, the treadmill pace would slow, seemingly in relation to the Zwift route incline. I ran for awhile, and I’m pretty sure it didn’t re-increase the speed after the Zwift incline stopped. I turned off the “workout pain effect.” And the issue seems to have gone away mostly…

Since then though, it seems like about half way through my run the treadmill pace just slows on its own. I have to increase it, then its fine for the rest of the run. Does that seem like a Zwift thing? Or maybe a treadmill thing? I ensure the treadmill is on a straight manual setting, and this doesn’t happen outside a Zwift run.

To me, Zwift adjusting the Treadmill incline makes more sense, but i’m not sure the capabilities and limitation of that via bluetooth.


I have a BXT216 on the way to use w/Zwift, so I’d like to know the answer, too. I will see if I experience the same.

Thanks Claudia, that would be great. Otherwise the treadmill is great. I keep my treadmill unplugged. When I go to run I plug in the treadmill, start the zwift app, and it pairs and works everytime.

If I dont do it in that order, sometimes it will still pair to the treadmill, but my avatar wont move. I use an iPad.


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Hey Claudia…did you ever get your BXT216 and do you have this same issue?

Hi Travis. I have the exact same problem. Could you fix it? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi! I was never able to fix this, it still does it. One thing I did notice, is that it does not do it on a different treadmill profile.

Let me know if you figure it out.