Bowflex Bxt116 avatar not moving

Hello, just bought Bowflex BXT116, I can connect it but the speed does not work. It is a supported treadmill. Anyone ran into this issue. My avatar don’t move and speed stays at zero. Bluetooth light is on.

Hey @Triathlete_Shrestha! I got the same treadmill over Black Friday (specifically for Zwift). Overall I’ve been very pleased but I have ran into this issue as well on occasion. Only solution I’ve found is to restart my device (I run Zwift on my phone and cast it to an Apple TV). The avatar starts running for me usually once I restart my phone and reconnect to the treadmill via bluetooth

I have restarted it so many times. It has not connected one single time so far. It must be the issue with the new machine I have, I will call BowFlex tomorrow and see what they say. Thanks for your response.

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