BXT116 Avatar not moving

I’m really excited to see the Android app. I just paired it with the BXT116 and it connected smoothly. Unfortunately, when I click Run, the Avatar is not moving. Any suggestions?
Thank you

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I am having the same issue. Pairs with my BXT116 but avatar doesnt move and no speed displayed. I have tried in both Android and IOS with same results. Installed and tried runsocial as a test and that app does work correctly so it is not an issue with the treadmill.

Did you ever get it to work Karla?

Hi Andrew,

It’s still not working, however my husband received these instructions (which I haven’t tried yet) from Steve from Zwift support team. Once I try, I will let you know but if you get to it before me, let me know how it goes. Good Luck!

By the way, it does work on my MAC and my husbands iphone. But I want it to work with my Android phone.

I’ve checked on this matter, and we’re currently investigating a game bug that may be responsible for the problem you’ve encountered. While there isn’t a workaround for this issue yet, the fix will come from our end, so all you should have to do is keep your game client updated. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue improving Zwift.

However, I’ll provide you with some additional steps you can try in the hopes that you may possibly be able to get the avatar moving.

I’ve personally tested our Bowflex BXT216 here in the office, which is similar to your Bowflex BXT116 treadmill. It works on iOS, which functions similarly to Android. Here is exactly what I did to get it working:

  1. Shut off the Bowflex BTX116 using the switch, which appears at the base portion of the Bowflex BXT216. It may be similar with the BXT116. The lights will shut off on the display when the treadmill is powered off.
  2. Make sure all your Zwift apps are up to date on any devices you’re using for Zwift. For example, if you’re using a Samsung Galaxy S9, check the Google store for any Zwift app updates. If you find any, please install them.
  3. Make sure your devices are up to date with the latest system OS updates.
  4. Open the Zwift app on the Android device, and login.
  5. Navigate to the Paired Devices screen and selecting Running as the sport.
  6. Now press the switch at the front base of the Bowflex BXT116 to power on the treadmill.
  7. Once the treadmill is powered on, Zwift should automatically locate it as an available Bluetooth device and allow you to pair it.
  8. Start the treadmill at a speed of 1.0 and you should notice speed readings on the device at the Paired Devices screen.
  9. Press “OK” when finished pairing the treadmill.
  10. Start a run in Zwift, and your Bowflex BXT116 should now produce speed readings and your avatar should move in Zwift.

I was able to get it working with my iPad after turning it off and then on again but not my galaxy s9+. Tried every conceivable combination and was unable to get it to display any speed.

Hello Karla,
I had the same issue and found how to solve it.
My avatar was not moving when the bowflex was in free workout mode, although Zwift could detect it.
I just launched the Zwift app in the Bowflex program window. It started a free workout with landscape pictures. Then Zwift automatically got the speed for the treadmill.
Hope this helps.
Happy running !

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