Bowflex BXT 216 Issue

(Brett Mc Phedran) #1

Similar issue to others posts I have seen about the BXT226 with no speed coming thru to the program. I just bought and setup my bxt 216 which I got specifically to use with Zwift. I am using a samsung s9 with companion app and running zwift on my PC. I have unpaired and restarted all units including the treadmill (tried the suggestions in the bxt226 post). I can successfully find and pair the treadmill but when I go into the run env my avatar doesn’t go anywhere. It just does not appear to be picking up speed from the treadmill. Any ideas other than those in the bxt226 post? Thanks

(Cory Winfrey) #2

I have just ran into this problem myself. Have you found a solution? I submitted a ticket but would love to know if you have it solved.

(Brett Mc Phedran) #3

Been in contact with support team but as of yesterday still not resolved. Sounds like it is a issue with android devices so if you can switch out to a apple bridging device it might work.