Bowflex 326 vs Technogym MyRun

Hi there,

I’m just getting started with Zwift and unsure about which treadmill to get - I’ve narrowed it down to the Bowflex and the TechnoGym. How do they compare, is one preferable to the other? Any feedback and info appreciated!! Thanks

Hi @Dennis_Lorenz

Zwift has a list of supported treadmills on You should be aware that only models manufactured in the very recent past (model year 2019-ish) are likely to use the flavors of Bluetooth or ANT+ that are required by third-party apps like Zwift.

Prior to then - the ones that used Bluetooth are likely to have used a closed protocol that only talked to their own proprietary apps or to specific third-party fitness apps.

Even within the list of supported treadmills, it’s important to verify that your’e getting the latest model, and that latest model is compatible with Zwift. Please do your research with the manufacturer.

Hi Shuji,
thank you. The treadmills I mentioned are either form that list (TechnoGym) or confirmed here in the forum. My question was more about the hardware itself, i.e. which one is the better treadmill? What are respective characteristics which users who own them like / dislike? Any help is greatly appreciated!