Treadmill Recommendations


I wanted to get me and my two boys into Zwift running and get a Zwift enabled treadmill. However, after looking at the list of recommended supported hardware it started to go wrong. For example, the recommended Bowflex BXT216 & BTX226 apparently don’t connect according to their customer support and a few forums I have already read.

Can anyone recommend what treadmills they use that link automatically?

I have heard/read some good reports of the Technogym MYRUN…but it is a bit pricey.

Any helpful feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Just in case it matters I’m in the UK.

The best treadmill helps you to rduce the weight, I personally don’t have any idea about MYRUN, currently, I am using NordicTrack 1750, always buying before any treadmill first you need to check it bet size, cushioning, stability, weight, speed, and side, these most important things to by any treadmill, and it’s totally up to you that you wanna buy manual or electric powered, but before buying keep these factors in your mind.

Thank you for your reply that’s good advise.

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