Need help finding a treadmill

I know this may not be the best way to go and I accept that. I would like to find a treadmill that is zwift capable for cheap. Where cheap hovers between 1,000 or less. Are there any treadmills out there like this?

Any treadmill works with Zwift if you use Stryd or NPE RUNN.

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See my post regards to apps that allow you to use dumb and BT enabled treadmills which will be much cheaper than a smart one.

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I used “cheap” threadmill many years ago. Killed my legs, feet etc.

Just a thought. The cheaper ones have less dampening etc and are not that great if you use it often and long times.

But of course it’s a balance of price/quality, as long as it doesn’t kill your body

Good luck hunting

Regardless, running and biking in Watopia is great!

True - any treadmill will work as long as you buy the right running “pod”. Whether it is a STRYD or whatever. Buy what fits your stride length and can be stable for you.

I bought a Sole TT8 (yes, it links up with Zwift easily via Bluetooth) and it’s been a real work horse with zero problems. I over-bought though. LOL! No problem, it will last forever.

Good Luck.

On a similar topic - looking for some opinions on the Nordic Track EXP 7i treadmill. I have the opportunity to purchase a used 2019 for $800. New retails for around $1099 before tax. The warranty on parts is good until June 2022. The owner “says she only used it for walking” - take that for what it’s worth. Don’t know anything about treadmills so not sure if this is a good deal or not. Help?!

I know this is not the one you are interested in but I subscribe to Consumer Reports and they tested others…so the Brand is Good Overall.

And more folding treadmills to compare where NordicTrack sits in the mix…

Thanks for the help. After reading the reviews and double checking the specs for the 2019 model, it looks like it’s not recommended for anything more than light running. I guess I need a more substantial model for serious run training. At least a 3.5 CHP motor. Will definitely need to do more research first!

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I’ve got mine off eBay, you can usually pick up a quality model for a good price but have to research specs and cope with transport and installation - they are heavy! The run deck eventually wore out on my first, I bought another as it was cheaper than a repair. 2.5CHP and 18kph max speed is enough for me as an 80kg sub-3 marathon runner.

I’m sure that Nordic track would be fine for me though I didn’t pay half that for mine!

I use a Nordictrack T10 which I have linked to Zwift using the Qz Domyos app I’ve written about. Gives you auto incline!

It’s a good bit of lot. 3hp motor which I regularly run halves on. It’s not missed a beat. Variable cushioning on the deck means I’ve had no joint pains. I can’t run outside regularly owing to previous back operations and not once have I had a back niggle using the treadmill.

It’s plenty quick enough at 22km/h. I’m running well under that so I’m not really stressing the motor.

Sure the deck will eventually go with my 84kg constantly pounding it. That’s like saying your car springs never wear out. The deck is only a piece of wood with a laminate coating after all. They don’t cost the earth to replace, there are companies out there that make compatible replacements at less than manufacturers prices.

I’m happy with my purchase.


In the Facebook Zwift runners group, someone posted about the Horizon 7.0 AT. I think that one was their choice. There are so many to choose from so stay in your budget and choose wisely!

Hi I bought an XTerra-3500. It has a good motor of 3.0 chp, it connects directly to Zwift by bluetooth so you won’t need a RunPod. I am a level 21 Zwifter and have trained a lot of kilometers in my Xterra 3500 treadmill even doing Half Marathons and has work wonderfully.
For the compatibility with Zwift, nice CHP motor and good price, I bought it at $1000, is an excellent choice.

Hi Stuart. Thank you for your review. I also have a Nordictrack T10. I have managed to to connect this to zwift using the DZ Domyos however I am struggling to get the auto incline to work. Can you offer any advice on what settings you used. Many Thanks Paul.

There are a couple of ways to get it to work.

Try following this but I’ve a written guide somewhere I’ll dig out.

@Roberto_Viola - do you have the guide handy?

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you can follow this Technogym MyRun Howto Auto Inclination · cagnulein/qdomyos-zwift Wiki · GitHub
it’s not for your treadmill but the steps are the same
let me know if you need help

Any suggestions for a smaller treadmill? I mostly cycle on Zwift but would like to occasionally take a run and am limited in space in my workout room. Will use Apple Watch for run speed and heart rate. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

The trouble with smaller treadmills is that they are effectively reduced in quality as well as size.