Smart treadmill reviews

Quick question, what smart treadmill are you using and would you recommend it? I know about footpods and Runn sensors etc. Just trying to get some genuine feedback on smart treadmills. Thanks in advance.


It depends on where in the world you are.

There are regional differences in availability of certain brands.

Narrow it down and also give us a rough budget and I’ll come back to you.

Hi Stuart, I’m in the UK and looking to spend around £1000 -£1500 give or take. I appreciate that’s not a vast amount but there are so many to filter through. Be nice to have some genuine feedback on tried and tested treadmills.

Thanks for your reply.

Ok. I’ll come back with more detailed info but start looking at the NoblePro range

Right, more time to write now.

I’ve written plenty on this subject before but to save you scouring the forums I’ll give you a summary.

You don’t necessarily need a smart treadmill. In the main they are more expensive than dumb ones and there are lots of connectivity options. You’ve eluded to footpods and the Runn.
Unless you go for a Stryd footpod all others have accuracy and reliability issues. The Zwift pod itself is prone to premature death. And needs calibrating.

The Runn is good but can be a nightmare to get setup initially. Does work though.

The Stryd is around 200 quid but 2nd hand half the price so still saving on the price difference between smart and dumb treadmills.

Certain HRM can also do speed but again are pretty innacurate.

So that leaves the QZ Domyos app written by @Roberto_Viola
Provided your treadmill has BT capability that links it to any other app then Roberto will make it work with your treadmill. So if the treadmill advertises JRNY, Kinomap, iFit etc… compatibility then it’s pretty much Zwift compatible.

All you need is a phone or tablet to run the app. Can’t run on the same device that you run Zwift. Unless you run Windows in which case it can.
I use a PC that runs the app and Zwift and it’s seamless. Not fiddly and you don’t need to be a computer nerd to use it.
Plus you can get it to automatically increase incline, Zwift will not do this on any treadmill but the app can.

So thats the options covered with dumb treadmills.

The advice for treadmills in general is to get one with the highest CHP motor you can. 3 is the minimum I would go for. The higher the power the smoother it will keep the belt running. You’re less likely to strain the motor if you are not running at it’s peak power continually.
Look at customer service ratings too. In case of failure you don’t wan’t to be waiting weeks for a repair. Often with european based companies they outsource this to 3rd party repair companies. This is great but getting parts can be a nightmare.
If you can get detailed information on the deck thickness that would be useful too. I’m around 85kg and on 16mm MDF decks can break them in weeks. Target some of the thicker decks or ones that use plywood instead of MDF.

So if I was buying a smart treadmill tomorrow what would I buy?

I eluded to the NoblePro. The E8.0 is a decent bit of kit backed up with good support. It’s around £1600 so just outside your budget.

I use a Nordictrack T10.0
Alas I’ve had multiple issues over the last 2 years and have spent 12 weeks over two spells waiting for parts which in the end never came so they replaced the treadmill. I broke a deck and the replacement took nearly a month to come and then broke in 6 minutes. So I’d maybe not recommend it.

Personally I’d go for a quality dumb treadmill that has BT capability and be content using the QZ app. I can help with getting it all going for you.
Happy to answer further questions.

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all perfect Stuart, just a new info: one device only for zwift and qz is now possible on android (enabling the notification icon in the experimental settings) and mac too!

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Wow, some good info there Stuart, really appreciate the time. I currently have a Proform ZLT720 that is ifit compatible but I don’t have the adapter module that slots into it. It’s now obsolete and no longer updated. I have Zwift pod and Runn sensor. Both a pain and unstable. I’m currently using the TSS app. Which I find very accurate but I can’t use Zwift companion at the same time. That’s why I’m looking to upgrade the treadmill. The Noble pro looks like a great option. Just trying to find some more reviews on them. Thanks again for the valuable info. :+1:

I used the TSS before the QZ app but it has it’s limitations as you’ve discovered.

You might be able to pick up the BT module for your treadmill off eBay but then again it might be time to upgrade :wink:

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