Bowflex T56 (/T22) can it connect to Zwift?

Just bought a Bowflex T56 (=T22 in US).
Anybody now how I connect to Zwift?

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Does the trainer broadcast power on ANT+ or Bluetooth

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Yes - Bluetooth :+1:t3:

see if this help:

If you are based in the EU then yes you can connect via Bluetooth

But his device is a treadmill. Aren’t treadmills notoriously finicky about connecting to Zwift?

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Not really Nige. Sometimes it takes a little ingenuity but to be fair I think most of the issues lie with people either expecting too much from their treadmill or not understanding how to make it work.

No setup needed. Just lauch the Zwift app in the treadmill app window, and pair it in Zwift.

Thanx - all. It works fine now :slight_smile:

Another “problem”:
What I really miss now, is that the Zwift-software could change (especially) incline but also speed automatically on the treadmill (I have the Bowflew Treadmill T22(/T56)). A pity that it cannot do that… (it believe it should be easy to make that work…?)

Zwift can not control treadmills for safety reasons…

Hmmmm… “safety” reason… every even cheap Threadmill can do that… why not start with incline - which I guess would be most desired…and let the software change for instance incline between 0-5 … dont see any danger at all…:expressionless:
(…is it maybe because of the sometime “crazy” amount of compensation the US-courtroom decides that Zwift/Bowflex dont want to include that option…sad if it is)
(based in Denmark, Europe)

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Maybe on day :wink:

Use the Qz Domyos app and you’ll get auto incline.

Just a heads up. I too purchased a BXT56 (T22) from Bowflex in EU.

-the firmware blocks any Bluetooth requests to change any settings. I contacted the developer of Qz Domyos to do some research and he found out that the options is ‘simply blocked’.

-and (for me) another disappointment, Zwift is running on my tablet, not on the nice 22" screen which the Bowflex provides. So you actually use the JRNY interface on the 22" screen, click on ‘start Zwift session’ and it will only open the Bluetooth connection. The 22" screen is only used to show simple activity data and . . . a photo slideshow :frowning:

I have contacted Bowflex support but did not get any usable reaction.

For me it is too late (in the EU there is no option to return the treadmill) but hopefully others will be able to make their decision knowing this restriction.

How are you sending speed data to Zwift Ruud?

Hi Stuart,

As soon as I connect with Zwift to the treadmill using Bluetooth, Zwift sees the spped.

I had some other encounter today.
I decided to try a video run in JRNY. As I found out, it is possible to connect through Bluetooth during such session too. So Zwift is showing its world and JRNY shows the video. Nice that it works but I was surprised that there is an option in JRNY which is auto-incline. The treadmill will change the incline during running according to the video. So it is not security to ‘not allow Zwift’, but I do not know the real reason.
Smells like ‘if Zwift cannot use it, maybe the customer will pay for JRNY instead’ to me.

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