Bowflex BXT226 pairing problem

Been trying to pair my treadmill to the Zwift app, but somehow the treadmill doesn’t show in the pair list. It’s kinda weird because I tried it on my phone first and it showed there and it worked. Than I went to the store to buy a tablet. Came home, installed the tablet and the apps. Tried to pair it, but the whole treadmill doesn’t show up in the pairing. Also not anymore on my phone. Tried the JRNY app that I was using before and it works fine there. Unpaired JRNY app to be sure. Still nothing. No clue what to do anymore.

Change your location settings to ‘only when using the app’ rather than always.

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Thanks for replying. Could you be a bit more specific. Like only for the app or in general settings? Not really sure where I should do that.

Aah thank you. It worked. I went to the Location settings. Than to the app Zwift. Location in Zwift. It was on Never. Switched it to Only when using app. And now it works! :slight_smile: Me happy.

My pleasure

Hi @Stuart.Middlecoate unfortunately the next problem occurs. My avatar doesn’t move. Tried force closing the app and pairing it again. Also made sure I didn’t touch the start button before running. Still doesn’t work. Any ideas? I don’t need a cadence tracker with this device right?

No, cadence is unnecessary.

Unfortunately your model isn’t directly compatible with Zwift. There are apps that can link it to Zwift though. Qz Domyos is what you need.

Hmm, I bought the app QZ Domyos, but this is starting to turn in to a real pain to get it to work. I can’t get it working properly. Guess i’m going back to my JRNY app.

@Stuart.Middlecoate I got it working. This is what i’ve done. Since I already have the JRNY app. You can connect the JRNY app to Zwift by clicking programs in JRNY and than scrolling down to connect to Zwift. Ones you’ve done that you start Zwift and pair the device. Start a workout and voila… The Avatar start running. Tho I have to pay for two apps now I think to get Zwift working.

More info found on the youtube video: Bowflex® Support | Bowflex® VeloCore: Connecting To And Using 3rd Party Apps

Mike, if you only run then Zwift is free.

And you pay only once for QZ.

You don’t need jrny to get QZ working with Zwift. Each treadmill works differently so you’ll need to link in with @Roberto_Viola who will get the app working directly with Zwift if you provide him some data. He may already have done it for you model.

He’s a great guy and very talented.

Be patient and it’ll all come good.

do you contact me?

also probably a similar thread here from another user /cagnulein/qdomyos-zwift/issues/677

Hi Stuart and Roberto, Wahoo Kickr Bike will arrive here thursday so not only running. I can’t run atm cause I have a calf tear injury. Just trying to get everything to work. But I’ll get in contact with Roberto. Saw his video at the app, but I don’t speak Italian :slight_smile:

Hi @Roberto_Viola , yeah I was trying to use your app to sync my Bowflex BXT226 with Zwift. Somehow it didn’t work at that time. Maybe it was just me not knowing how the app works. Couldn’t really find information how to get the app to work. Was already spending some hours to get Zwift to work with my treadmill. I’ll look in to it a bit later today.

Just open a ticket on the github page, don’t lose hours without ask to me :slight_smile:

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The app is real simple, if you only want it to send speed to Zwift you literally run it and it does everything for you once you’ve got the right settings.

The app does so much more than this though but for simple speed reporting from your treadmill it’s very simple.

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Yeah that’s what I did. I’ll try again.

There’ll be a couple of settings to change to tailor it to your particular model but after that they stay saved so it’s run the app and go.

Roberto will tell you the settings.