Bowflex 10 connection

Does anyone know if the Bowlfex 10 can connect to Zwift? I cannot get Zwift to see the and connect to the treadmill. Thanks and merry post Xmas.

Hi, there are issues with Bowflex treadmills and connectivity. I can’t state for certain as the European models are different to the U.S. Ones so I’m not sure what the direct comparison is.

I fear you’ve one of the ones that don’t connect. It seems Bowflex block BT transmissions to force you into the JRNY software.

Thanks. I asked bowflex prior to buying if it could connect. Now pissed off!

Of course they’ll deny advising you of that.

You may need to use either an app or footpod to send the data.

Yeah I’m just trying my Treadmill 10 today for the first time with Zwift and also can’t get it to connect. I could’ve sworn the Bowflex website had Zwift advertised right on it a couple months ago when I ordered the treadmill but now its completely absent from the website. I could be remembering wrong but this was 50% of the reason for selecting this treadmill.

Looking at the Bowflex website the 10 doesn’t even exist.
Interestingly all the Northern American models make no mention of Zwift compatibility yet the EU equivalent does. I wonder if there is some form of licensing issue.

My bowflex from 2019 connects to Zwift. However, that model is no longer available. Worst case you can attach the “ruun” pod to the treadmill very easily and go from there.

I spoke with Bowflex and the devices are compatible. You need to connect Zwift to the trainer and then find go to the app section/screen under the custom workout area (a little hard to find) - A/K/A/ Fitness Apps. Once located, select “Workout with your favorite app/Zwift/Peloton.” This seemed to work. From there I was able to load a Training Peaks workout from my coach. A little cumbersome, but it worked.

Zwift will not control your speed but show you the recommended one and you adjust the belt accordingly.

Alex, see my reply to Mitchel below. I got it to work.

Thanks Justin. I’ll give it another go.

Hi Justin,

Me and my wife were wondering if you needed to be subscribed to their JRNY thing to be able to connect to Zwift?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Mikel,

I have a 1-year membership included with my purchase. My “guess” is that you need to have a subscription in order to log onto the area that launches Zwift, but not entirely sure.

I have a bowflex T10 - I do like the JRNY app (supports my family of 4 fairly economically) do have the JRNY subscription, I have access to ZWIFT fully (connects heart rate, run speed, cadence) - however I do run zwift on a separate ipad or apple tv and connect the treadmill to it via blue tooth as all you will see on the JRNY screen is a screenshot of some mountains. This works fine for me as I have a large 50" TV (with apple tv) which I would rather use ZWIFT anyways.

You can also connect the treadmill to ZWIFT (or rather ZWIFT to the treadmill) via blue tooth the same way WITHOUT a JRNY subscription. However, you first start up ZWIFT, go to the bluetooth symbol (top right corner of treadmill screen) and activate bluetooth - you will then be able to connect/sync from the ZWIFT app to Heart Rate (if you are using it - the bracelent), run speed, and cadence. Once connected, just start one of the basic running Programs to start up the treadmill. You will start running on ZWIFT.

With the JRNY subscription, the connection is pretty straight forward - go to PROGRAMS menu at top and scroll down to the very bottom. It’s an option via the JRNY Program options.

The treadmill is solid, powerful, and we love it. We like using ZWIFT with it because we can upload our workouts to STRAVA.

Screenshots of the process with JRNY subscription/app:

With or without JRNY subscription you can connect ZWIFT to these 3 measures from the treadmill: