Bowflex treadmil 10

Is someone can tell me if the new bowflex treadmill 10 works on Zwift?

Thank you for your help

Here is some information. The press release from December mentions that the T10 with JRNY (is that the same treadmill) would work with Zwift. Usually one can find some information at Reddit or here at the Zwift Forums but I don’t find anything except what I have cited below.

According to Zwift HQ these are the only supported treadmills.

Three weeks ago:

December 17th, 2020

No, not really.
Connects by Bluetooth so Zwift reads the treadmill speed.
The incline does not change automatically to the Zwift course.
The video does not project to the T10 screen.
I’ve seen one internet picture with the Zwift game on the T10 screen. I haven’t been able to replicate it.

There is currently no official support for auto incline for any treadmill on Zwift. It’s achievable via unofficial routes however.