JTX Sprint 7 Treadmill

Hi can anyone help please. The manufacturer says that this treadmill is compatible with Zwift but when I go through the Zwift app to connect to it it cannot find it. However Kinomap can.

Any one have any advice please?


Tell me more about your setup. What device are you running Zwift on?

I can’t find any literature saying it’s compatible with Zwift.

The do mention Kinomap. I believe it’s a propriety BT system.

You’ll be able to make it compatible with Zwift but you’ll need to use an app to do so.

QZ Domyos is the app.

Fab thank you somewhere in thier site it lists zwift as one of the top 5 apps to use. using on either iphone or ipad

I’ve found this on the details of their top of the range semi commercial treadmill.


Our helpful Apps and Technology guide will help you identify and set up the best fitness apps to be used alongside your JTX Club-Pro. Our guide features apps from the leading fitness brands including Nike, iFit, Kinomap, Zwift and Peloton. You will be emailed this free guide when you subscribe to our emails after purchase.

Still doesn’t say it’s compatible. The guide may well set it’s compatible when used with an appropriate foot pod or sensor.

does the app QZ Domoyos just connect the treadmill speed to the zwift app or does it control the treadmill as well. i.e if you’re in a workout and zwift wants you to run at a certain speed for a certian time, will the treadmill speed (and/or incline) automatically be set by QZ Domoyos.

at the moment i use Runcline, which just transmits data from my treadmill to zwift for speed and incline.


Mike, no it doesn’t adjust the treadmill speed to match the workout.

The workout pace isn’t transmitted, it’s only displayed so there’s no way the app can capture this.

The incline is transmitted which is why you can have your treadmill adjust the incline automatically. Zwift does this so that turbo trainers can adjust resistance. The app interprets this and turns it into incline.