Tunturi T60 connected - no speed

Since the threadmills known to work on Zwift seem to not be available for purchase in my country, I had to resort to a local brand.

The Tunturi T60 broadcasts Bluetooth (ble 4.0) and it connects fine to Kinomap.
Also read somewhere that it’s supposed to work with Zwift.
On the connection window I can connect the treadmill just fine, but it will not show speed no matter what.

Trying to figure out what the problem is… proprietary data sent via Bluetooth or Zwift not implementing different treadmills?

Ps. Also tried to connect to runcline, where it’s not detected as a smart TM, but is detected as a footpod. Never get any speed though.

Are you running Zwift on Android by any chance?

Tried on both iPhone and iPad.
Will try Android next, then PC I suppose. :man_shrugging:

Weird thing is Kinomap worked instantly on iPad - also, it automatically controlled incline.

Would hate if they (Tunturi) did some proprietary protocol crap to force users to their partner (kinomap)

Now I’ve ruled out the infamous location settings issue then we move onto proprietary BT.

You’re probably bang on in that the signals will be encrypted so Zwift cannot see them.

However there’s hope.

There’s an app called QZ Domyos that can read these signals and send them to Zwift. The creator Roberto will work hard to provide a solution.

Great bloke, great app.

I’ve seen it discussed here before briefly, will definitely try it out.

Just so I understand everything correctly, QZ Domyos will be on a secondary device?
-Is it possible to use this secondary device for companion app at the same time?

Yes you can run the companion app and Qz on the same device.

In reality once you connect your treadmill to Qz you don’t need to interact with it and it can run in the background.

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