Tunturi T90 smart treadmill connects but doesn’t send speed data


I have a new Tunturi T90 treadmill with 4.0 Bluetooth. It works perfectly with Kinomap but with Zwift it connects with the treadmill instantly but never sends speed data and the avatar doesn’t move.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

I’m running Zwift on an up-to-date iPad. Tried also with my MacBook with the same results.

Hi @Antti_Viklund3171

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I took a look at your logs and it seems that there is a lot of interference going on! We can see that Zwift is finding several devices to try and connect to. One of which is unknown to us and safe to assume it’s the treadmill. While Zwift may be able to connect to the treadmill, since it’s not listed on our Supported Running Hardware page, it won’t be controllable and it’s possible that it won’t give out proper readings.

I see that a Runpod was also trying to pair as well, but it seemed that it was competing with the other signal to pair to Zwift. I would suggest taking a look at our signal interference support page and go through what it suggests carefully so that we can minimize that issue and hopefully get one device to properly pair to Zwift.

Keep in mind that since the treadmill is not Zwift supported, and even on the manufacturer website it doesn’t state it’s compatible with Zwift, you may be better of going with the Runpod to get your data to Zwift and your avatar to move.

But give that signal interference article a look and let us know if you’re still having issues. You can also reach out to our support staff as well if you’re still having issues.

Thanks for your comments. I’ve tried with and without the runpod, HRM etc. Still no speed data from the treadmill.

I have a Bluetooth bike trainer next to the treadmill. Could this cause interference issues?

I’m aware that this model is not listed in the Zwift compatible treadmill but I’ve read people using this one with Zwift and it also works very well with Kinomap. This makes me think it should work with Zwift without external sensors.

But in the worst case I’ll use an external sensor. Luckily the treadmill is otherwise great.

Hi @Antti,

Yes, having a Bluetooth bike trainer next to your treadmill could cause signal interference. Kinomap and other apps that communicate with your trainer may be running in the background and causing issues as well. I’d recommend force closing them out before trying to pair just to be sure.

Zwift uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) with FiTness Machine Service (FTMS) protocol, or ANT+ Fitness Equipment Control (FE-C) to communicate with devices like treadmills.

I did some searching for the Tunturi T90 supporting our protocols, and I couldn’t find the protocols listed in the T90 manual or on their website. This doesn’t mean T90 doesn’t support the protocol, but it may not be specifically listed. I’d recommend contacting Tunturi to confirm if they support FTMS or FE-C protocol.

After taking a look inside your membership account activity, it seems you’re running again. If you’re still having issues, please reach out to us.