Zwift doesn't find Tunturi T80

Hello, hope someone can help me out here. I bought a Tunturi T80 and got it installed today. But my tablet or phone with zwift on it doesn’t find the treadmill. What am I’m doing wrong? I tried connecting it to the Tunturi app and that works fine. So my tablet can connect to it.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I have the tunturi T90, and everytime I want to connect the treadmill to Zwift I have to “restart” the treadmill. So turning off the power , wait a moment (it takes time after turning of the power the treadmill shuts down, maybe internal battery) and turn on power again…
Maybe this will help?


Hey Dirk, thanks for the reply. Didn’t help. Just tried it after one complete night off. And also turning of after a while on again. I made a video but I can’t upload it here.

Can it pair to anything via Bluetooth? I would try looking for it with a Bluetooth scanner to see if it’s broadcasting at all.

Hello Paul

Yes it works fine with the Tunturi Routes app on the same tablet. Like I say in my first post.

Thanks anyway.

In that case you could try using it with the QZ app ( which can act as a bridge to Zwift

I also wonder if there may be a setting necessary to give the Zwift app access to Bluetooth.

Could also try pairing via Companion on your phone

Thanks for the tip Paul, I will check it out if I can’t solve it. But I was hoping to get it connected directly and founding the problem here. Since this treadmill must work with Zwift directly.

I’ve my Elite direto X connected to cycle so I don’t think it’s a Zwift app problem. Or can it still be ?

How can you pair something true the Companion app ? (Found this on the Zwift website first need to select PAIR THROUGH PHONE on the main zwift app before I can connect true the companion app)

Yeah that makes it unlikely that any Android setting is the problem

Couple other things to check:

  1. Make sure the Tunturi app has been terminated before running Zwift
  2. Make sure the treadmill is not paired to the built-in Android Bluetooth service on the tablet

Both checked and the second thing isn’t even possible.

I’m going to try it with the bridge mode with the companion app on my phone. But the Zwift app on my phone didn’t found the treadmill. So not sure if this will work true the companion app with the same phone.

True the Companion app didn’t work. I went to a shop that had a T80 in stock and tested with my tablet there and it found the treadmill directly I think mine needs a software update or something. Since the bluetooth is working and the treadmills look exact the same and the numbers in the Tunturi app where also exact the same I think it’s something software. I did send a email to Tunturi about this. If Ive more news I come back here.

If here is someone that knows something about doing the update on a T80 let me know. I can’t find anything online.

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For the moment I used my HRM Pro plus from Garmin works fine. For 11km first ever indoor run. Dammmm you need a fan :see_no_evil::joy:

Just bought the QZ app to seems to work better. I need to test it maybe tomorrow for a short run.

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If you have any issues using QZ, talk to @Roberto_Viola


What a pity that turning it off and on again didn’t work. But good that you can connect another treadmill with your tablet, that rules allready something out.
I also searched some time ago for a firmware update but didn’t find a thing. Hope you get a response from tunturi !!!

This whas there reply

The serial number 19M6AF***** that you provided belongs to ‘‘Tunturi Endurance T80 treadmill (model number 19TRN80000)’’. This type of treadmill model is not technically and software compatible with the Zwift application.

Strange, because you tested the same model in a shop and it worked?

On the product page (Netherlands) there is a zwift icon on the page of the T80

I gues it’s a newer model that looks like the same model in the Tunturi app but afterall it’s different inside the screen or something.

I think anyone could be confused by the comparison of that statement and this web page