Xterra trx4500 connection issues

Hi, I’ve just got this treadmill but I’m really struggling to connect it to Zwift. It’s on the compatibility list (I checked before purchase, indeed xterra advertise the fact on their website) but it doesn’t show up when searching for it. Has anyone any ideas? We’ve tried 3 different android devices, it will show up on a Bluetooth search but not on the Zwift app. Tia.

Same for me here. I tried with zwift companion and zwift direct Bluetooth but is not working. I raise support request to zwift and and xterra. Still waiting for a resolution. The treadmill is also listed in the hw compatibility list of zwift. I am using iPhone

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Hi all, the issue is related to the version. Zwift supports only model distributed starting from November 2019.
I had a July 2019, even if I bought last week

Hi Mauro, thanks for that. I’m guessing that although mine was only purchased last week that it’s a pre November model. I think this is something both Zwift and the manufacturers need to make clear before purchase. A quick read through the forum seems to confirm that this isn’t confined to just this manufacturer. People invest substantial amounts of money in these pieces of equipment, and many will have used Zwift compatibility as part of the selection criteria, so to then find that it isn’t compatible after all will come as a bitter disappointment.

Same feeling here! I hope that zwift that for sure can work on software faster can fix it sooner with some exception. I share to them through the facebook chat the bluetooth information that the treadmill is sending hoping to help

Thats a load. Bought mine January of last year and worked fine until recently. Their recent updates screwed it up.