Sole F85 Treadmill recognized but immediately gives a "connection failure"

Just bought a treadmill (Sole F85) which is supposedly Bluetooth and Zwift compatible. However, when I go to pair it, it recognizes the treadmill for a moment, states it’s going 0 mph, connects, and then as the Zwift workout is about to begin it states there is a “connection failure.” My avatar never moves.

Any thoughts on this issue?

We are seeing the same thing with a TRX3500 which has worked before without issues.

What device are you using to connect the treadmill to?

I just tested my F85 connecting to Zwift (latest update) and it works (the reason I had to test is that I usually never connects it directly to Zwift, but rather use an app to get auto-incline). It might make it easier to help out if you include more details on your setup.

I am connecting my Sole F85 to a PC, and the signal strength indicator is at max.

Version info: