Sole Fitness treadmill compatibilty

(Ian Porter (MRC)) #1

would love to be able to use the Bluetooth interface on the Sole treadmill with Zwift

Ideally using it as a speed source and incline control would also be nice


(Chris F) #2

I’ll second that!

(Kenneth Morris) #3

Me too. I just bought an F85 and can’t see a good reason why I’d wouldnt work. Incline would be cool so long as it can be turned off.

(Scott) #4

We’ll be continuously working to add support for more treadmills. Keep an eye on this list of supported hardware as we’ll update it as we go. 

(Scott Shell) #5

I know the TT8 has Bluetooth but only currently works with a few apps (I’ve only ever used the Sole app which is pretty much useless.)

I would like to see Sole Treadmills working with Zwift as well.

(Ian Porter (MRC)) #6

Ive contacted Sole via a few methods to request this but sadly every message has been ignored :slightly_frowning_face:

(Kenneth Morris) #7

They replied to a Facebook message I left and said they’d need to contact the mother ship in Taiwan.

(Bill Strub) #8

I too have a F80 and would like this support

(Thomas Skjævelan) #9

Just got the Sole F85 bluetooth and would love to be able to connect it. Any estimate on when or if it will be compatible?