Sole Fitness treadmill compatibilty

would love to be able to use the Bluetooth interface on the Sole treadmill with Zwift

Ideally using it as a speed source and incline control would also be nice


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I’ll second that!

Me too. I just bought an F85 and can’t see a good reason why I’d wouldnt work. Incline would be cool so long as it can be turned off.

We’ll be continuously working to add support for more treadmills. Keep an eye on this list of supported hardware as we’ll update it as we go. 

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I know the TT8 has Bluetooth but only currently works with a few apps (I’ve only ever used the Sole app which is pretty much useless.)

I would like to see Sole Treadmills working with Zwift as well.

Ive contacted Sole via a few methods to request this but sadly every message has been ignored :slightly_frowning_face:

They replied to a Facebook message I left and said they’d need to contact the mother ship in Taiwan.

I too have a F80 and would like this support

Just got the Sole F85 bluetooth and would love to be able to connect it. Any estimate on when or if it will be compatible?