Update Supported Treadmill List (Sole)?

Recommendation: Update your supported treadmill list.

I recently bought a SOLE treadmill and didn’t expect its BT would connect with Zwift running since it’s not listed on the official list, dated last Dec… I started by using an ANT stick and my laptop with a Garmin pod. No biggie, but I was pretty disappointed at all the struggle my 2012 MacBook had rendering courses- 4FPS is pretty sad.

On complete accident I turned BT on my MacBook and surprise- there was my SOLE F80! It may seem like a little thing, but now I can use my ipad/iphone to run Zwift, don’t need to order a BT pod, and can leave the laptop in the living room… plus the phone looks way better on the TV than the laptop. :smile:

That’s a long story to thank Zwift for SOLE support and recommend the “supported treadmill file” get updated.

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I think it’s not on the list because Zwift has yet to get their hands on one and test it out.

I’ve also got a Sole F80 but haven’t tried using it with Zwift. Will try this out. Thanks.

I still can’t get my F80 with Bluetooth to connect?

We have a Sole F63. My iPad mini v3 will pick this up in Zwift, but with no effect. My Mac mini will NOT see this. I am using a Garmin USB BT with an extension and it works for my Tacx Bushido smart trainer. So…back to the Sole…I mean I can start running but the Avatar will not move. I wear a different branded HR monitor and Zwift sees this also, but nothing will work unless I add my Milestone/Zwift pod. Just a bit frustrating. if anyone has an answer to not need the foot pod and allow Sole/Zwift to work. please let me know! Thanks


Hi, I bought a new treadmill sole fitness F85 year model 2019, I have a problem that happens every time I start the machine with the Zwift app through apple tv and run 1 -2 km so the machine beeps 5 times and stops, I can not press any button and it does not help to pull out the security key, the only thing that helps is turn off the machine from the power button and turn it on , then the machine restarts. I don’t have any problem with the treadmill with ut running Zwift.

Good evening, I have a Sole F85 pervious version so not supported in Zwift direct. I have to use a an app called RunCline to bridge from my treadmill to my Apple TV, it works fine doing this. However, in the instructions I MUST start the treadmill first, then connect to the bluetooth, otherwise all of the controls lock out.

I would recommend trying starting the treadmill at 1kph first, before connecting to Zwift and see how that goes.

Hi Carl and thank you for the tips, I’m wondering if I connect the treadmill to the app RunCline first I can’t see the treadmill in the Zwift app to connect it.