Update Supported Treadmill List (Sole)?

(G QSmoov [cheetahback racing]) #1

Recommendation: Update your supported treadmill list.

I recently bought a SOLE treadmill and didn’t expect its BT would connect with Zwift running since it’s not listed on the official list, dated last Dec… I started by using an ANT stick and my laptop with a Garmin pod. No biggie, but I was pretty disappointed at all the struggle my 2012 MacBook had rendering courses- 4FPS is pretty sad.

On complete accident I turned BT on my MacBook and surprise- there was my SOLE F80! It may seem like a little thing, but now I can use my ipad/iphone to run Zwift, don’t need to order a BT pod, and can leave the laptop in the living room… plus the phone looks way better on the TV than the laptop. :smile:

That’s a long story to thank Zwift for SOLE support and recommend the “supported treadmill file” get updated.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

I think it’s not on the list because Zwift has yet to get their hands on one and test it out.

(P) #3

I’ve also got a Sole F80 but haven’t tried using it with Zwift. Will try this out. Thanks.