Did sole f80 2017 model can connect to zwift?

i bought a sole f80 2017 year model treadmill ,it have bluetooth.

is it able to connect to zwift thru bluetooth?

try several time cant connect, if i open sole apps, its connecting blue tooth successful and it can control via phone.

any solution for this? I wish to run treadmill thru zwift , its more fun.

please …help me…

Good evening, I have a Sole F85 pervious version so not supported in Zwift direct. I have to use a an app called RunCline to bridge from my treadmill to my Apple TV, it works fine doing this. However, in the instructions I MUST start the treadmill first, then connect to the bluetooth, otherwise all of the controls lock out.

I would recommend trying starting the treadmill at 1kph first, before connecting to Zwift and see how that goes.

Yes! If your Sole is Bluetooth, use the RunCline app to make it compatible with Zwift. It needs to run on a different device than Zwift. Enjoy!