Xterra TRX4500

Having researched treadmills I brought the Xterra trx4500 and tried to connect to Zwift. I can connect the treadmill but when I try and run my avatar doesn’t move but the treadmill is going. Am I missing something? New to Zwift! It’s a smart treadmill so I don’t think I need a pod but could be wrong.

Anyone who could help, please do!!

Just got my new treadmill delivered today - set it up - connected bluetooth to Zwift and Avatar doesn’t move. Did you ever get a solution? I can’t figure out how to get it to work.

This treadmill is not a smart treadmill in the true meaning of Zwift.
It has Bluetooth but this is a propriety system to use with the Xterra fitness app.
Just like Nordictrack have for their iFit software.

Whilst it may link to Zwift it’s clearly unable to send data to the program.
You will need some form of speed sensor to use it with Zwift.

I am confused the website says this: “The apps below will sync directly to your treadmill via FTMS technology. This means you simply turn on your machine, turn your phone’s Bluetooth on, download the app, pair your device through the app and get running!”

The treadmill is advertised as compatible with Zwift.

My mistake, I must have looked at old material.
That ones made in the last 2 years are FTMS and shown as being compatible.

When pairing are there different detection options or is it just the one in the list?

I also got Xterra 3500. But same issue. Shows connected on Zwift but then speed doesnt change . BTW it work perfectly with Kinomap.
If anybody is able to solve ?