Xterra treadmill woes

Hey all, first post so apologies if this is an obvious error on my part.

I’ve dropped some savings on an xterra 4500, advertised as zwift compatible etc. I’ve logged on and zwift can find the treadmill, pair it and I go through to process to get to my course. Then it doesn’t react to any changes in speed. My avatar just stands there while I run in real life on my treadmill. Any obvious things I should check?


It seems that this isn’t actually Zwift compatible. Certainly not the older models.

Thanks for the reply. I managed to get it working overnight, it is compatible. The xterra website is pretty explicit in this and now I’ve got it working it is working really well. I’ll update/close the thread now. Cheers.

Hi Jon - I have the same issue and same treadmill. How did you manage to get yours working? thanks!