Zwift Runn on treadmill

Anybody had problems with the zwift Runn. Mine isn’t picking up the sensors now and I have tried resetting it. Any help would be much appreciated

Talk us through your setup.

Also do a reset of the Runn, it’s renowned for going to sleep.

Hi Stuart. I have had it all set up and running. But then sat 20th my avatar on zwift stopped running. Tried and tried to re calibrate but no joy. Then this morning I have done a re-set and I have realised that the sensors aren’t being picked up by the runn. I have put new senor strips on top on the original ones and wiped the sensors on the runn but they still aren’t picking them up


You can test the Runn’s recognition of the strip placement. When doing this the two lights alternately flash as a strip passes under them. Maybe your unit slipped down and is too close to the belt. Remember it is supposed to be a pencil width above the belt.

I have a problem like that from time to time but it is my treadmill’s tread that sometimes slides towards one side. I have to occasionally start running on a angle to get it back to the right spot so the Runn can see the stickers. The treadmill I have access to is from 2008 and I have to loosen the tension on the belt to lube the deck from time to time, and I don’t always have the belt retightened evenly which causes slippage sometimes. Super annoying. I only say all this because I don’t know what your setup is and it is one of the problems I have experience in so far.

The other thing I had to do is reposition my Runn shortly after purchase and the initial setup because it wasn’t far out enough for my tread.

Hi Stuart that’s what I’m trying to do. My runn hasn’t moved and it is only a pencil width. But the signals aren’t flashing from side to side as it’s not recognising the sensors. Thanks for your help

Hi fez. That sounds like a possibility :thinking: I’ll try adjusting my treadmill belt as it may have slipped. Never thought of that . Thank you for the advice

If you’ve done a physical check that the stickers are passing under the nose of the Runn then I’d rule that out. Height can be an issue too sometimes.

When you say you reset it Clare, how did you do it?

I held the white button in for 10 minutes until the lights flickered


Might have a solution. Download Configurez via Play Store or Apple

Use this to connect to the Runn. Once it does there is an option to reset Runn.

Do this and then see if it works. The little blighter has a tendency to go to sleep. This program will also force the latest firmware onto the Runn which I have seen will cause it to stop working if it’s not installed.

I tired to use that, but I don’t have an iPhone or ipad unfortunately :confused: :disappointed:

Ah, no android device either?

Yes my Samsung phone but it didn’t give me an option for my device

Odd, I’ve two Samsungs, one is years old that I use for the Companion app. Both allow me to install the app.

Maybe if you have a friends phone you could use? Its a small app and you could install it and reset the Runn in a couple of minutes.

Yer that’s a possibility. My bro inlaw has an ipad but will have to wait until we are allowed 2 households indoors which I think is may 17th. But tomorrow I will try an adjust my treadmill belt incase it has moved from under the sensors. If it works I’ll update with my progress . Thank you for your advice and if I don’t have any joy tomorrow, I’ll have to wait until I can download the app to reset :slightly_smiling_face: :blush:


I used to maintain treadmills and unless absolutely necessary don’t mess with the tension. From what you’ve said the issue isn’t with the belt but more that the Runn has gone to sleep and needs waking up via the app.

Keep me posted as I’ve the knowledge of the Runn and treadmills to get you going.

I’ve actually just found that configuring app on the play app. I was clicking on the link on the zwift website :woman_facepalming:which was for ipads etc. I’ll also try this tomorrow too thank you :blush:

Yer wasn’t going to do anything with the tension just the alignment

Which is pretty much what the tension does, each side adjusts and only when you have equal tension will the belt stay aligned.

Rather than worry about the alignment just slide the Runn forward or back in the cradle.

Hi Stuart I’m trying to do a firmware update using the configurez app. It seems to find my runn then once I select to update it the lights go off on my runn then says fail to update :upside_down_face: