Zwift Runn on treadmill

If the timer bar is moving then it’s doing it. Keep repeating the process and you’ll notice it gets a little further each time. Eventually after many repeats it’ll complete.

I thought it was just me it did it too!

Stuart I haven’t touched the tension as you said not to. But did move my runn forward in the cradle and it seems to be picking up the sensors and my avatar is now moving on zwift. I think it had gone to sleep like you mentioned. Hopefully all sorted really appreciate all your help advice and time. Thank you :blush: I’ll keep having a go at updating it too


I place two strips right beside each other. That seemed to stop the problem of slight variation with the belt. So I have a total of four strips in a 2 X 2 organization.


My Runn is temperamental and seems to stall when treadmill reaches around 11.5kph. Regains itself but not good for sprint training.

That’s not an issue I’ve come across. I wonder if your sticker placement is right on the edge of the beams for the runn and once it’s hitting a certain pace it’s causing a misread?

I have finally managed to do a firmware update via NPE configurez app using my chromobook , as it didn’t work via my mobile. It seems to be working OK for now, but think I’ll be doing regular updates to keep it up to date