Runn sensor issue


Wondering if anyone can help

I bought a runn sensor to use on my treadmill. Ive set it up as per the instructions, calibrated it and connected it to Zwift. There are plenty of strips for the sensor to pickup (all the way round the belt at 30cm intervals)

Zwift detects it for both cadence and speed

When I run the treadmill on its own (I.e without me running on it) it works fine.

If I run on it, first of all there is no cadence data, even though cadence is “connected”, secondly whilst my avatar runs in line with the treadmill speed for a while, it will stop running in zwift despite the sensors remaining connected. From what I can tell the sensor is still seeing the strips on the belt. It’s as if all speed data stops being sent or received

I’ve deleted the Bluetooth plist files on my Mac, reset the PRAM and removed and re-added all bluetooth devices on my mac… it’s not a Bluetooth issue as my Wahoo kickr and climb work perfectly with Zwift through the same Mac

I’ve reported it to zwift as I assume it’s faulty, but in the meantime does anyone have a suggestion?

You might have to move the RUNN closer to the treadmill, I had the same issue and that resolved it.

I also use Whiteout instead of the strips.

There is also a NPE RUNN app available, it’s called Configurez, that should allow you to upgrade the firmware.


Thanks Paul

How do you mean move it closer to the treadmill? It’s already as close to the belt as it can go, to be fair it needs to be pushed over as far as it can go and it doesn’t overhang a lot but it should be plenty

Will try the firmware upgrade though, always worth a go!

I have mine pretty close to touching, but I run with the lights off and that might be part of the issue.

For reference I use a ProForm Pro2000 treadmill.

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The NPE runn bracket has different heights, also you may find that it’s at an angle and might not pick up your cadence

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Having exactly the same issue. At very low speed it seems to work OK. But when any speed is set (and I mean like 9kph, so not fast) it loses speed, then when I go up to say 12kph the speed goes shooting up to 30kph and then drops to zero.

I have used whiteout (as well as the strips previously) every 37cm (8 marks around the belt). I have had it touching the belt, above the belt and every way possible. I will try the firmware you mentioned - but I am about to send it back.

The firmware update fixed the data sending issue, it now works (although it needed recalibration)

Cadence is not working still, I even moved it right up next to where I run, can’t believe it needs the sensitivity adjusting, I’m 6ft 3ins and 13stone! I pound the treadmill pretty hard!

Pretty sure the runn is square in the bracket too

Yes, it looks like the firmware update helped, but also moving the sensor to the front of the treadmill(as was mentioned above). I had it towards the rear and the speed jumped constantly. Cadence works and is rock steady only moving when I try and go faster ;o).

So these are the steps I have taken to get this sensor stable (I am 184cm tall and 88Kg)

  • Install Sensor to the front of the Treadmill
  • Delete any white marks & writing on the belt (using black marker).
  • Measure the belt and divide by an even number (mine is 8 markers at 37cm intervals)
  • I used the strips but also elongated them with white tire paint.
  • Downloaded “Configurez” app to update the firmware of the Runn sensor
  • Downloaded “GymTrakr” to calibrate the Runn sensor at 8Km/hr and 0 deg
  • Disconnect all apps
  • Connect with Zwift for speed and cadence.

Thanks for your help - I think I will keep it now which makes it much easier for myself and my wife just to jump on and connect to Zwift, instead of swapping our single footpod.

FYI I got the following from support:

Thanks for reaching out to Zwift support!

I’m sorry that you have run into this issue, but we are here to help!

After a bit of research, I have found another member with this problem. Here’s what they had to say they learned by talking with NPE:

Currently if you want to have cadence running shown on Zwift , you can, but only if you also connect the Runn to the Zwift Companion app via BT at the same time.

2nd tip. Too many stickers or marks on the treadmill belt can be bad idea, as they can blur at high speed and cause issues. Keep your stickers at least 2ft apart.

Here is the forum post​ so you can see what else they have to say.

Give that a shot and let us know how it goes!