NPE Runn - No Cadence When using Mac App Only (Fine with iOS)

Hi all,

I predominantly use Zwift for cycling - around 400 to 450 km per week - but I recently bought a NPE Runn sensor for the treadmill, which arrived a couple of days ago. I installed it according to instructions and it seems to work well with one glaring exception: For whatever reason, the device does not report cadence, but only when I am using the Zwift app for my MacBook Pro. Zwift recognizes the Runn sensor for both speed and cadence, and correctly reports speed but there is no cadence data whatsoever. What perplexes me, however, is that both speed and cadence work perfectly fine when I use the iOS Zwift app (on my iPhone). Hence, it doesn’t seem like a connectivity or Bluetooth issue.

I’ve updated the firmware to the most recent version and synchronized the treadmill with both Zwift and the native NPE app.

Any assistance that can be provided would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I use the NPE Runn occasionally as well. I found that when it is attached directly to the treadmill, running hard at a pace, faster than 8min mile the speed was a bit erratic because of the deck vibrating up and down. I made a box to hold the Runn off the treadmill to help avoid this and as a result there is no cadence, I actually connect the Zwift pod for cadence.

Is there any chance you have a treadmill where the deck the Runn is attached to doesn’t move at all compared to the tread you run on and therefore it is not registering the cadence?

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately the issue does not seem to be with the Runn sensor itself but rather transmission of cadence to the Zwift app, specifically on a MacBook. Both speed and cadence work perfectly when I’m using the iOS Zwift app (have tried it on multiple iPhones and an iPad). Speed works perfectly on the MacBook as well; just no cadence.