NPE Runn, Cadence vs Speed and drop outs

Firstly a cou tip I got from NPE.

Currently if you want to have cadence running shown on Zwift via Ant+, you can, but only if you ALSO connect the Runn to the Zwift Companion app via BT at the same time.

2nd tip. Too many stickers or marks on the treadmill belt can be bad idea, as they can blur at high speed and cause issues. Keep your stickers at least 2ft apart.

Finally, my rant and dev request. I understand during cycling on Zwift, power is king, if you generate some, your Avatar moves forward. Cadence is only used for leg movement. However, using the Runn on the treadmill, your Avatar goes the speed the Runn is measuring, EVEN if you still standing on the edge of the treadmill allowing it to speed up, or perhaps after a hard interval. Surely Cadence should play a much larger part of the calculation in Zwift for running, in that there should at least be some binary check that steps are occurring as proof that effort is being expended, not just Zwift measuring the treadmill speed via the Runn?

Your last point is one of the downsides of the Runn, smart treadmills and those apps which convert a speed in the app to a BT signal for Zwift. I have seen the runner moving fast but no cadence or heart rate dropped back to normal indicating the treadmill is moving but the runner isn’t (but they still level up). This is one reason why I have come to like using a run pod. Now if only the run pod could work out your incline you would be covered. I think I read the new Stryd may be able to do this? Mind you it is quite expensive, but if it can then everyone can use a dumb treadmill and put a small % of the savings into a Stryd and pace, cadence and incline are all covered, perfect.

New here and to Zwift in general but have just started virtual running with a treadmill and Stryd. Can confirm that it provides cadence and incline data to Zwift.

That’s great. I could almost be tempted (when my wife isn’t looking) to upgrade from the Zwift Run Pod (which is great) to a Stryd. How accurate is the incline? eg set 0% on treadmill and it reads 0% in all the way to say 15%? Do your elevations match Zwift, oh actually I don’t think that’s possible as most treadmills don’t do negative inclines. Also I don’t think Zwift pulls in the Stryd incline then?
Also I have seen some runners with speeds that appear to vary greatly over a few seconds, I kind of wondered if this is the Stryd being super clever over each run stride. - do you find this with the Stryd or does it average out nicely.
But yeah any feedback on the Stryd would be cool.

Curious about this statement. I’ve only used a Stryd run pod since the beginning with Zwift and nary a time did it record any incline information. I would love to see some data on that.