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Hello all,

New user here wanting to try out Zwift running and did not come up with info to answer my question. Zwift says I do not need a cadence sensor to run,. but when I try to run my avatar just stands there and stretches. My NRC works fine with my android that I have mirrored to my tv,… but I am starting to maybe think its estimating.

I am running on a Xterra XT3000 which has BT speed sensor and HR but no candence, those connect fine,… So the question remains,… do I now need a footpod(which are pretty much obsolete) or NPE Runn to use the running app?



You do not need a cadence output to run.

You need a speed source. From my reading your treadmill does not transmit speed.

You will need something to send the speed to Zwift.

This can be a foot pod which will also record cadence.
The Npe Runn does both also and is more reliable.
A Stryd is the market leader in this area.
There are also numerous phone/tablet apps that can interact with Zwift.

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Zwift connects to my treadmill BT speed sensor, and my display outputs fine, did notice though there is no output speed showing. It could have the option, but is somehow turned off.

The Zwift app needs permission to use location on your phone but not only that, you must pick “only when the app is running” and not “always.”

This may resolve the issue.

I’ve just read the manual for your treadmill. It is not directly compatible with Zwift. The BT sensor is tied to the Xterra app.

You will probably need an app that can intercept this signal and send it to Zwift.

Look at my other posts regards the Qz Domyos app that may well do this for you.

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Okay thank you, I will check that out

I think I am going to return my treadmill back to Costco and look for a replacement. I don’t want to have to buy an attachment or use another app on top of an app to get the speed and cadence to function properly.

Ok, but be aware that to get a smart treadmill that is comparable to what you’ve bought with full Zwift compatibility will cost you significantly more.

And chances are any replacement won’t send cadence information anyway, most smart treadmills do speed only.

The app isn’t onerous. You just run it on a spare tablet or phone. It won’t do cadence however. The Npe Runn is your most cost effective option for this.

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I can get a replacement treadmill without loosing money with BT that wasn’t an issue. But taking the old one back, and getting the new one would be a hassle. I decided to order the NPE Runn,… later on when I want to upgrade I can use it as a selling feature. Thanks for the help

You’ll get on fine with it Jason. I’ve lots of experience with them so give us a shout if you need.

Thank you