Reliable cadence sensor for Treadmill?

Background: I’m not a runner at all. I’m pretty active on Zwift for cycling. I recently sufferent a fractured femoral neck and can’t ride yet. The PT prescribed 30min of walking a day (as tolerated).

Weather is super crappy. Northern US, so cold/wet/dark.

I have a smart treadmill and chest strap HRM.

I’m in need of a simple bluetooth cadence sensor that will pair to Zwift in Run mode.

I know Zwift sells a branded version of the Milestone footpod for $20US, but I’m on my third in a very short period of time. I’m tired of dealing with it.

I’m running Zwift on an iPad Pro from a few years ago, so Bluetooth is my only option (no ANT/ANT+). Alternatively I could pair via the companion app, but still limited to bluetooth.

I know the cycling cadence sensors won’t work in Run mode, and I really don’t want to put out big money for a multi-function advanced metrics thing like the Garmin Run Pod.

I don’t use a smart watch that is capable of transmitting ANT/Bluetooth, so I really just need a simple cadence sensor I can clip to a shoelace.


The Garmin Running Pod can do cadence.
Probably the next cheapest to the Zwift Pod.

It doesn’t do speed but you’re already sorted for that.

stryd …

I think that ruled out the Stryd

I have the North Pole ruun which does cadence. Works very well

Aa suggested I recommend the Runn device cause it gives actual speed and cadence rather than a speed estimate based on cadence.

I actually bought a foot pod for cadence then ditched it when i realised the Runn did cadence too.