Measuring Cadence on Smart Treadmill with Cadence

Hi, I’m using a Noble Pro treadmill, which links to Zwift great for speed and distance via my MBP.

I’m also using a Garmin Fenix 5 to broadcast HR, which is picked up via an ANT+ dongle. I also use a Garmin Running Dynamics pod (I know this isn’t a foot pod, but it measures cadence, as should the Fenix itself)

My question is, how do I get my cadence to read on Zwift? At the pairing screen I cannot see any devices to pair for cadence.

I have an tech query in with Noble to see if the ‘mill should do it. But surely as both the Fenix, and the pod (via the Fenix) measure cadence and I’m already transmitting HR to ANT+, there should be a way of getting a cadence measurement in game?

I believe if you broadcast cadence to zwift from your watch and your watch is paired with the footpod then it will be the footpod based cadence data from what I’ve read.

Hi, sorry, there is no foot pod involved.

This is using a smart treadmill for speed and distance.

Other tech is Fenix 5 watch abs Runnning dynamics pod.


I’m afraid the F5 only receives data from sensors and doesn’t broadcast it. Apart from HR data over Ant+.

The newer models such as the F6 have a virtual run option which would do this for you.

One other option that springs to mind is using an Ant+ bridge. The 4iii heart rate strap does this. You can connect Ant+ devices to it and it transmits the data via BT.

This might be enough for your Android device to pick up the data.

Another option is to purchase a footpod or the Runn device and use that for cadence. Not ideal but it would work.

I have a Garmin 245 music. I use a Runn sensor for pace and cadence and my Garmin for heart rate. However I can pick my Garmin to use with cadence. To do this I have to select Virtual Run for workout on your watch (assuming you have that option).