NPE Runn keeps dropping connection

So I bought a new iPad (base 2021 wi-fi model) that I wanted to use with Zwift Run and I have a new NPE Runn installed on my treadmill. Everything was working great until iPad ran the new iOS update and Zwift updated itself and now I’m getting constant “connection disconnected” from Zwift as well as just NPE Runn sensor full on droppin to 0 speed constantly. It got to the point that I just had to stop my workout because it was so on/off.

I tried going to the menu and disconnect and reconnecting to the sensor but it still kept dropping. It shows the bluetooth bars at full though so I’m not sure what’s going on. My Polar H10 HR monitor works just fine without any drops whatsoever. Is this a Zwift issue, NPE Runn issue or something else? Any help would be appreciated.

Tried downloading NPE app, Configurez and resetting it? It could help

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I did a test run today for 4km, connected Runn to my Apple Watch and it worked fine. Then went to the Configurez app and resetted to factory settings and then did the incline and speed setting again. Went to Zwift and did a bit of testing, seemed to work but will have to do another longer test tomorrow. :crossed_fingers:

Hi @Trail_Hippo ,

I’m Steven with Zwift tech support, and it looks like this is your first posted thread on the Zwift Forums. Congrats on that, and welcome to the community!

I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve had with connection errors in Zwift when using the NPE Runn. However, it sounds like you’ve made some progress towards rectifying the issue.

We have some good troubleshooting resources for the NPE Runn on our support hub, so I’d suggest you check out this article.

If you’ve gone through that whole article and issues persist, it seems like the NPE Runn isn’t staying paired. In my experience, wireless signal interference is the most common reason for BLE dropouts, so I’d suggest you go through the steps in this article, and see if that helps.

It seems you’re on the right track though, so that’s good to hear. Hopefully your next run in Zwift goes well.

Ride On.

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Happy to report it did indeed go well. Seems like the reset helped. Tested it over 6km and the sensor stayed connected.

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Hi @Trail_Hippo , that’s awesome news! Thanks for letting us know that the reset seems to have done the trick.

Ride On.

I’ve recently purchased this and it continues drop out! I did the factory reset and still no change. Software up to date and no change. Cadence is never in sync and continues record low or extremely high! I have moved the sensor closer to the iPad to eliminate Bluetooth connectivity issues or interference with no change.
Doesn’t allow you to pair the wahoo tickrx for cadence anymore. Throughly disappointed in this device. Of course, 30 days has passed with me trying to get this to work. I guess I’ll stick to real world running from now on

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I had some of the same problems as you. Often no readings and dropouts from 1 to 20 seconds. The solution yhat works for my setup now, was to place the NPE Runn only 3 millimeters away from the track, approximately half of the thickness of a pencil. The cadence is still either high, low or don’t register at all.