Schwinn with Echelon 2 - NPE Cable

Hey guys,

I am very new to the Zwift app and am looking for some advice on how to connect my echelon 2 console to Zwift.

I purchased the NPE Cable and got it connected to the bike and to the Zwift app but I am seeing the cadence drop to 0 for about 5-10 seconds and then return to the current value. This was described here as well.

The power seems to be ok though, just the cadence drops out. I have the phone and the cable very close together and the signal strength is very good so I don’t think this is an issue

My questions are:

  1. Are the any other people experiencing this issue? Is there a way to fix it?

  2. If there is a better way to connect my echelon 2 console with Zwift, please let me know.

John - welcome to Zwift!

Does your echelon bike have a built in cadence sensor or are you using an add-on sensor on the crank arms, such as a cadence sensor from Wahoo or Garmin?

Steve, yes it has built in cadence and power sensors.

I use NPE with Apple tv. Zwift connected directly to ATV. NPE handles cadence and HR. Updated latest NPE Firmware last weekend. All working ok

I will try with the Apple TV and see if that works any better. thanks!

Did you download the Zwift app for the Apple TV and connect the NPE with the Apple TV or are you mirroring your phone to the TV?

Apple TV connected directly with NPE. Not using phone as pass through. Be careful that phone Bluetooth doesn’t compete for sensor signals. If you’ve ever previously paired sensors with phone they could grab the signal. Bluetooth can only pair to one device. ANT+ incidentally can be picked up by multiple devices. Play it safe by turning BT off on phone, start your sensors first, then start Zwift. That way NPE gets first shot at making connections. If cadence is still intermittent you might check sensor battery.

So I downloaded the Zwift app on my Mac computer and got all of my devices connected to it. But the cadence kept dropping out for a few seconds every 15-20 seconds even though the power and heart rate remained consistent.

I then downloaded Rouvy (another VR cycling app like Zwift) and connected these same sensors to that app. Everything worked fine. No issues whatsoever.

It seems the problem is with how Zwift handles the cadence input. Signal strength is fine or the Heart Rate and power wouldn’t come through (all are channeled through the NPE Cable.

I have contacted Zwift support about this issue and will update you when I get an answer from them.