CABLE ANT+ TO BLE CONVERTER signal integrity

Just wondering about other community experiences with the NPE CABLE device that grabs multiple ANT+ sensors and bundles into one BLE stream to reduce connections to Apple TV.   For many (maybe all Zwifters) we need more BLE inputs than supported by Apple TV, so CABLE is one solution.   What I notice is that my cadence regularly drops out, so it looks like I’m coasting in Zwift for 5 to 15 seconds at a time.   I tested this with both Garmin and Wahoo sensors and the result is the same.   Also, I monitor cadence on a bike computer and the RPM remains constant there — so the CABLE device must be the weak link.   Just wondering if others also have these dropouts with their CABLE devices.  Or, am I in the minority, and others use Companion to link sensors to ZWIFT.  Maybe that’s a better solution.  I haven’t discovered any web site where someone does a comprehensive comparison of best connections to Apple TV…maybe someone can recommend a resource for more independent advice.  I’m very happy using Apple TV for ZWIFT since it loads fast, th graphics are great, and eliminates the hassle of a computer.  But I’m not thrilled with sensor dropouts, so I’d like to solve that problem.   Sorry for the long post!!!   Advice appreciated!




I had a similar issue yesterday.  I can’t get the zwift to connect so I can see speed so my rider doesn’t move, but I can see cadence, power, and heart rate.   I have the Apple 4K TV and have an Elite Drive. I know the Elite Drive works because I can connect to other software programs and can see power, cadence, speed, etc. Has anyone had this issue before?

I am using the Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor that came with my KickR 2016, and connected to ATV4K via BT directly. I noticed that signal seems to get dropped intermittently as you had described. So I am not sure if this is caused by CABLE Ant+/BLE device.